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Want A Golden Experience? Find Out Why Kristjan Podgornik Is the Antidote with The Best Organic Olive Oil



Everyone yearns for the best experiences in life. The brand Golden Experience creates a fantastic experience with its organic olive oil. This oil contains 24 karat gold flakes and has won numerous awards as it adorns kitchen cabinets. Found by the creative entrepreneur Kristjan Podgornik, it makes it exciting as he is one with a solid entrepreneurial and innovative background. 

About Kristjan Podgornik 

Kristjan grew up in Slovenia, a country surrounded by beauty from his home country’s landscape. His father is an international fine art dealer and grew up on artists’ responsiveness like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. With the art background and the beauty of his surroundings, Kristjan had the urge to create a world-class innovation to offer a beautiful experience. He, therefore, launched Golden Experience to serve his dreams. 

The Golden Experience also consists of culinary arts, events, travel, and business. Kristjan has perfected his skills and is now a recognized international taste-maker for luxury goods. He believes that he can reach as high as he has set his standards. His enthusiasm for the arts has made him come out on top of others in his industry.

The Organic Olive Oil

The organic extra virgin olive oil, infused with 24 karat gold flakes, ranks as the world’s best. It has won awards such as Sol D’Oro, a significant international oil competition in the world. The product is based in Istria, by the Mediterranean Sea, which ranked best in the world for olive oil production three times. Additionally, the product has also made a way to Michelin-star chefs and Hollywood stars. 

The product comes with a package:

  • a handmade velvet box
  • hand-printed gold embellishments
  • a black glass cap with real gold hand-burned-on
  • glass decorations created by the world’s best
  • an engraved tree on the glass

The product is not only appealing but also serves its intent. Every bottle also has an attached personalized card and a message. Kristjan’s messages wish you a great Golden Experience with your favorite friends while enjoying quality meals.

Why Kristjan is the Antidote with the Best Organic Olive Oil

Kristjan wants his clients to create a fuss out of the olive oil enjoying fresh meat. According to him, the Golden olive oil is not materialistic. However, it works like his clients to organize special dinner or lunch invites. Everything about the product and customer is exhilarating and thus the name Golden Experience.

He understands the needs of consumers as he strives to give them the best experience. He has also sharpened his sense of aesthetics and craftsmanship from his artwork and interest in enhancing people’s ordeals. He aims at creating a perfect setting for every guest. His leverage in ensuring customer satisfaction is what makes him the best. According to him, commitment and relationships count the most. 


He has merged his lifelong passion and mindset to make the best out of his capabilities. You can reach out to him through: 


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