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2021: The Bounce Back Year For Brie Thiele



2021: the bounce-back year

As a sports reporter, the biggest takeaway Brie Thiele gleaned from working closely with athletes is their ability to bounce back. Bouncing back after a loss, injury, or penalty is known as resilience. Resilience is key to leading a successful and fulfilling life, and when applied correctly, it will help make lemons out of lemonade in 2021.

Many people lost something of significance this year. Loss can mean different things to different people. You may have lost a friendship or relationship, a job or home. Maybe you lost your sense of self or purpose? Or, God forbid, you lost a loved one. The human spirit is incredibly resilient and can persevere through the worst of times.

And if there was ever a time for resilience, it’s the year of 2020. Journalist Brie Thiele had to apply that notion first-hand when she quit her job on a highly-rated news show in January of 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to take shape. When hiring froze in Los Angeles, and lockdown life settled in, she knew she had to become her boss.

“Even though I love storytelling and my job on television, I knew I had to create my brand to help coast through these trying times,” explains Thiele. “If I plan and overcome adversity, I will easily be able to course-correct and get back on track.”

We all have a unique story to tell

Lessons can be learned, and insights can be gleaned from our personal stories. This notion has propelled generations past the brink of extinction for millennia. If you’re able to maintain that mentality and use social media as a marketing tool, you can use the power of connection to overcome these trying times.

“Market yourself & use Instagram or Facebook as a tool in your bounce-back journey,” explains Thiele. “This is exactly what media publications and TV stations do all over the country. People don’t realize their own personal stories are rating gold.”

With the creation of her brand, Thiele is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

“Putting yourself out, there can be a daunting task! You’re subjecting yourself to criticism and feedback from total strangers, which can be tough,” notes Thiele. “But I’ve come to find that when you take risks and push the envelope, you’re rewarded.”

Brie Thiele is heading into 2021 with this exact mindset. 2020 was the year of lemons, 2021, the year of lemonade: the bounce-back year. Ingredients in your lemonade include— LEMONS, aka finding your story or passion, which leads to your brand. SUGAR, aka a beautiful social media platform that shows off your account. WATER, aka the introspection and insight to help propel others beyond the challenges you’ve overcome.

Get to know more about Brie through her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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