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3 Tips To A Better Mindset In Business With  Daniel Mangena 



Speaker, best selling author, creator of Beyond Intention paradigm, and host of “Do it with Dan, Daniel Mangena is creating waves with his unconventional perspectives and influential speeches while encouraging people to achieve their dreams. His unshakable foundations and strong experiences highlight ways for people to connect them to their dreams and joyful life. Often people are caught up in a challenging whirlpool of lives and Daniel intends to guide people amidst such struggles while transforming lives from misery to celebration.

The journey that introduced ‘Beyond Intention Paradigm’

While empowering numerous people through his speeches, Daniel often claims to inspire his programs and sessions from his past struggles and experiences. After his diagnosis of Asperger’s and experiencing the hardest of battles, Mangena describes these flashbacks of life as a part of his learning adventure and owns the battles regardless of how they were. He says, “I started looking for a way to end my life, but in doing so realized the common denominator in all of it was me! I was the sole architect of my current situation, regardless of what had gone on, and I alone had the power to turn it all around.” Inspired by his own struggles, Daniel built a four-step system and called it ‘Beyond Intention Paradigm.’ He is famously known for his flow and alignment approach and with his books and programs, he strives to build ways for lasting joys and purpose in life. 

 How Daniel is adding value to lives

With his series of unique programs and inspirational releases, Daniel calls his recent guide, ‘Money Game.’ It is a simple guide that helps people to conquer emotional blocks and mental struggles. The book is a perfect rescue to gain control over challenging fluctuations of life. The book further enhances the ways to move forward and bag achievements that one aims for while also creating a connection between the subconsciousness and dream. The brilliant compilation of struggles, purposes, and challenges shows the creative powers of enlightening and easing the life process that one generally encounters. He believes, “As with everything else, it all starts with us. We have to address our internal programming and belief systems. If we do not believe, deep down, that something is possible – it won’t show up for us.”

 Inspiring growth through boundless learning

To help his clients manifesting anything, Daniel usually aids people with free resources available on his website, his blog, podcast, and youtube channel that lay foundations of wealth creation, self-development, and transforming mindset. He further conducts worldwide workshops and offers coaching and consultation to groups and individuals. His esoteric methods are famous for people who are receptive to things and groups like ‘Micro 2 Million’ that aims at providing insights to practical minds. His programs for 2021 focus on building experiences that are dictated by one’s self-belief and inner power and also creates a new world for people to conquer the “odds” of life! 

What makes him shine brighter

While his books and podcasts series are one of the best-sellers for empowering and inspiring many, his articles, blogs, and social media content add a cherry on the cake to his fresh perspectives. Furthermore, his accolades adorn his continuous growth where he is known as Master of Success in The Wall St Journal. Daniel also promoted mental health and insights into life in a recent interview by legendary Jack Canfield. With his philanthropic interests, he is an avid supporter of many causes including entrepreneurial philanthropy and charitable organizations across countries.

As Daniel progresses to involve people to “Dream With Dan”, his transformational life coaching, new approaches, fresh perspectives, and renewed programs will bring more content to awaken and elevate the joy and purpose in lives. Furthermore, people can expect more social media content, length documentaries, and video series in the coming days.

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