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4 In 1: Find Out How Ashwin Jacob Manages To Lead Different Industries



There are so many things that business owners consider before investing in more than one industry. Some of the reasons are; the ever-changing market factors, expansion of product line, brand value, among other things. But the big question is, how does one survive in more than one industry and still perform in all of them? The answer is diversification. Diversification is a business strategy that few entrepreneurs know the power it beholds.
Ashwin Jacob is already disrupting four industries at a go. His impact on entertainment, technology, fashion, and lifestyle marketing is unmatched. Ashwin is a creative visionary connecting the world of entertainment, technology, style, and overall positive living.
This article reveals the secrets behind Ashwin’s successful lifestyle in multiple industries.

1. Hard Work & Working Smart

Nothing beats hard work. Ashwin understands this principle, which has helped him perform in his businesses. Since the earlier days, Ashwin had to work five times harder than the average person to get half as much. He broke into the entertainment industry when he was 19 years. By 27, he moved to Los Angeles with less than $500 in his pocket, a leaky air mattress, and three months of rent paid. But guess what? In less than 12 months after moving West, Ashwin worked with Fortune 500 companies such as NBC Universal, Disney, BMW, and Microsoft.
Today, Ashwin is the head of entertainment partnerships & Strategy for New Hollywood (media company), Spoild and Rottn (Clothing Brand), Intention Crystals (Spirituality and Chakra healing bead brand). All these he achieved through working hard. Success does not just happen; you create it.

2. Strategic Partnerships

A strategic partnership is very crucial if you want to succeed in multiple fields. Ashwin works with celebrities and brands making strategic alliances. Some of the names on Ashwin’s talent roster include the hall of fame NFL, wide receiver Terrell Owens, Billboard Top-20 artist Greg Gatsby, viral sensation Jody Steel, YouTuber Dominic DeAngelis, and Gabbie Hanna of the Gabbie Show.
Strategic partnerships can help brand creatives drive value. Brands can achieve this result by leveraging talent and social media. Leveraging talent can attract and retain high-quality partners who can help develop skills and improve performance while creating a motivated workforce. On the other hand, leveraging social media will help drive brand awareness as well as sales. It has the potential to give insights into your audience’s preferences and tastes.

3. Embracing The 3Ps

3Ps stands for Patience, Passion, and Persistence. Ashwin is a patient man who waits for results without rushing. He does his work with so much passion and is always on the move persisting consistently. He is building a legacy as someone who helps people professionally. He loves using his story of overcoming adversity and finding his way into the national spotlight to inspire others with similar backgrounds to chase their dreams.

4. White Glove Client Services

Good client services will always ensure clients come back to you and recommend other brands and talent your way. Ashwin cautiously creates opportunities for his clients by leveraging social media, traditional media placements, and exceptional relationship management. Ashwin hosts friends, clients, and celebrities to share actionable tips, advice, and real-world stories, on his New Hollywood Podcast. He ensures that he offers the best to his clients, which has helped him retain his clients in all the industries he has invested. He brings passion to each of the clients he works with, tailoring to their specific needs based on their individualized goals.
Understanding your clients is very important. Ensure that you understand their short term vision of where they are and where they want to be. Be sure to guide the process for both their brands and talented clients. Ashwin is an excellent example of success to the millennials and many entrepreneurs. He came from nothing to making impacts in giant industries. He held on to his dream until he succeeded. Anyone with a plan can hold on to their vision and be successful.

The above tips have helped Ashwin beat the odds and become victorious in his career and entrepreneurship journey. For more information, you can connect to Ashwin on;

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