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5 Business Travel Lessons for Female Road Warriors



Perhaps the pandemic has prevented you from traveling on a regular basis in the past year, but as we can slowly expect travel restrictions to be revoked, it’s time to prepare yourself for an entirely different manner of business travel. Safety and security have always been two crucial factors for any female road warrior to be mindful of, but they are now even more pivotal than ever before. Combined with the right tech tools and strong connections, any business woman can traverse the globe more easily and safely than in the past.

As the world is adapting to the repercussions of the global health crisis, it’s up to you as a lady on the go to find creative and effective ways to travel in the new normal while building your professional reputation. So, without further ado, let’s tackle a few of the most effective and powerful travel tips that will make your globetrotting much more comfortable, safe, and of course, business-boosting.

Get to know the local customs

Each country has a unique set of customs, traditions, as well as etiquette in personal and business transactions alike. The more you know about these curious authenticities, the easier it will be for you to communicate with local people, find out the information that you need to enjoy your trip, and most of all, to appeal to them if you’re striving to close business deals.

What’s more, your post-pandemic travels will also bring a new set of uniquely local requirements that are related to health regulations, mandatory testing or vaccination, paperwork to follow, and of course, essential preventative measures. Many counties will keep the social distancing restrictions valid for a long time for example, but others might require self-isolation or testing with a local healthcare facility. Whatever it may be, it’s best to learn about the requirements beforehand and prepare the necessary paperwork before you take your trip!

Leverage local businesses

It’s always useful to know which businesses in your travel destinations you can trust. Based on recommendations you find online, but also based on what your colleagues have experienced, you can find the finest accommodation, the best local eateries, and the most comfortable flights. Add to that, why use public transport when you can drive and have more independence that way?

In recent years, and especially due to the pandemic, more business travelers have started relying on car rental services that ensure a clean, safe vehicle every time. You can have a vehicle waiting for you at the airport to get immediately to your accommodation and have the freedom to explore local sights in comfort and style.

Safety first

Mitigating risks and reducing your chances of experiencing unpleasant situations should be one of your top priorities. With that in mind, as a woman on the road, you need to be prepared in order to feel confident and secure at all times. For starters, theft and possessions insurance can help protect your valuables on the go, but health insurance coverage is vital for ensuring proper treatment while you’re abroad.

Additional practical tips can help keep you safe, too. For example, you should always keep your phone charged and always notify someone about your whereabouts, so share your itinerary and check in on a regular basis. If you’re headed for Australia or New Zealand, knowing the wildlife can make a difference, as well, so make sure to know which animals you need to keep your distance from, and which areas are the riskiest!

Combine comfort and style

As a dedicated professional, you care about leaving the right impression when you travel. However, that shouldn’t be at the expense of how you feel and whether you’re comfortable in the kind of wardrobe you choose. If you’ve ticked the box on the first piece of advice in this article, then you’ve also learned a bit about the destination you’re going to.

That means you can choose appropriate garments that fit the culture and the climate as well as your professional dress code. Aim for tones that are subtle but elegant, and fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. The same applies to your footwear, so you can move with ease, but still exude confidence wherever you go!

Never neglect self-care on the go

Finally, if you’re a frequent business traveler and you’re a true road warrior at heart, then you definitely take every opportunity to see new places. That, however, means that you cannot rely on a steady fitness class in your place of residence or stick to home-cooked meals alone.

You should still focus on your health and wellbeing and make sure that you can maintain your self-care on the go. Pack your skincare essentials, but also look for local fitness courses or a gym within your hotel. Ask around for healthy food eateries that you can visit during your stay. Most of all, make time in your busy schedule to sleep and rest well enough to truly bask in your adventures!

Whether you’re a business owner or you work for a company that will regularly send you away for a business trip, you can transform your travel routine to be more enjoyable, secure, and more productive. Make sure to use the listed tips to your advantage and make the most of each trip you take, both to grow your career, but also to enjoy the destinations and all the perks they bring!

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