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5 Hidden Secrets By Bernhard Reiterer On Selling Customers Conversions For All Industries.



Bernhard Reiterer, also known as Bernie, is the evangelist of the digital identity era. People also know him as the ambassador of privacy. Bernie is the Founder and CEO of, a company, created with the sole purpose of optimizing the onboarding process for its customers. The owner’s vision is to make the world’s most universal and straightforward onboarding solution. Moreover, Bernie is a pioneer in how humans and technology interact as identities. He deals in customer conversions for all industries- seamless onboarding and compliance, making them as comfortable as Amazon one click. 

He is an entrepreneur whose focus is customer-valued with a background in business innovation for the financial industries. Bernie has launched several high user volume products and business lines. Here are five amazing secrets that will help you sell customer conversions like a pro.

You Must Understand Your Customers

Knowing your customer is essential in selling customer conversions. It helps track customers’ real-time behavior. Understanding your customers helps you know their needs, helping you customize your processes to serve them better. Therefore, ensure you know the different categories of your clients like the type of services/products they buy, their geographic location, frequency of purchase, among others. With this in mind, you are sure to enhance their experience to make them loyal to your company. 

 Many customers like a seamless experience across both digital and traditional points.

Prioritize The Customers Needs

You need to understand your customers’ buying cycle and the experience they want. Most customers find joy in easy processes. It would be best if you keep your clients’ needs first, listening to their questions, concerns and giving them feedback promising better service and making them feel comfortable on your site. It would help if you also optimized all processes of visiting a site or making a purchase, including the onboarding process. It is a crucial step in building relationships with new clients. It will determine whether they will stay or shift to another e-commerce site. 

Customers can evaluate business services from the onboarding. The process should be fast and able to keep records for business owners. Bernhard Reiterer optimizes his onboarding for industries, understanding customer’s relationship with technology and this has brought him incredible success as he gets 25- 40 leads for small and medium brands and 5-10 for large ones per month.

Embrace Technology

Technology can revamp the sales process and help generate more leads. Through technology, Bernie helps industries fuel more effective sales conversion. Technology allows for browsing the catalog, placing orders, and systematically arranging deliveries in a business. Bernie, a digital expert, understands the relationship between people and technology and strives to make them compatible to retain customers. In this digital era, businesses strive to convert leads into customers for its growth. Companies, therefore, leverage technology to make the conversion process more comfortable.

Be Available for Your Customers

Customers tend to feel a sense of belonging when an employee attends to them in person. They feel that there is someone who cares about their needs and satisfaction. You need to deliver a valuable message to customers immediately. Studies show that the human attention span dropped below that of a goldfish in 2012. Currently, Generation Z is even down to a quarter of that at 2.8 seconds. Clients could only be patient for less than 3 seconds or else, turn away, and chances of visiting again being minimal. It would help if you thus availed yourself, be relevant when a consumer has an intent.

Onboard New Customers

Any online store must keep onboarding new customers. Therefore you will have to listen to your customers’ questions and concerns and act upon them with the utmost professionalism. Ensure you make your customers’ experiences smooth while training them to get the most out of your products or services.


Customers are aware of what they want, and often compare the processes or services of different businesses. Most customers will always decide on the best and safest place to conduct transactions. The experience will determine whether they will be back to you as your client or never. It will therefore help if you put customer needs as a priority and stay above competitors. The above tips will help you to maximize the customers’ conversion experience. For more information, you can connect with Bernhard Reiterer here.

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