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5 Kitchen Hacks From a Health Pro



Covid has caused an ongoing pause to what recently was a normal life. Being at home 24/7 has created chaos in many aspects of our lives.

As we hit the year mark into the pandemic, professionals around the globe are chiming in on their opinions on the 2021 health and wellness crisis. Many statistics are underwhelming and even bleak but Sarah Bowmar helps you to turn your worry into a fitness and wellness routine.

I had the opportunity to talk to Sarah, a certified fitness expert, author, and founder and CEO of various highly successful sports nutrition brands, namely Apex Protein Snacks and Bowmar Nutrition.
Having 1.2M IG followers, Sarah is reaching international audiences and appeals to health enthusiasts around the world.

Since Sarah is also a full-time mom who spends much time at home with her child and husband, I asked her for useful tips on how you can make your every kitchen trip guilt-free!

  1. Eliminate! Toss out any foods you cannot control yourself around. For breakfast, start with eliminating processed items loaded with sugar and empty calories.Make similar changes for lunch and dinner, too. Take honest stock of what you’re eating and figure out ways to replace processed foods with whole ones full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats and carbs.
  2. Quick Snack Ammo. As an alternative to your traditionally favorite snacks, stock high-protein fruits, bars and vegetables in your kitchen. These are quick-made snacks that can satisfy your cravings in a healthy manner and will manage your hunger. Never again be in a hunger panic!
  3. Be Fluid. Always drink your water! Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial for your health and wellness. Whether you have a water cooler or you are drinking from a pitcher, having water in plain sight is vital for success. Try filling a pitcher of water with fresh fruit slices so that it’s the first thing you see when you open the fridge.
  4. Consider Family Members. If you are focusing on a strict meal plan, find ways to make your kitchen functional for other members in the home, too. After eliminating processed snacks like cookies and crackers, think of delicious replacements that will keep you and others satisfied. Have a supply of healthy baking items to encourage you to make traditional favorites from scratch, with clean ingredients, like almond flour or coconut oil.
  5. Kitchen Convenience. Eating out is a top reason people fall off track. Create a section of your kitchen that will encourage you to experiment with healthy meals. Cultivate a garden or keep handy convenient and delicious cookbooks. Always keep a well-stocked collection of your favorite spices.Regularly stocking up on fresh, whole foods will also keep you on track and prepared come mealtime.
    If you want more tips from Sarah, you can find her online at and on IG at sarah_bowmar.

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