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5 TikTok and Instagram Reels Coaches You Need To Be Following

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With fast-paced, attention-grabbing short-form video content, both TikTok and Instagram reels have become the hottest topics in social media in 2021. With unparalled characteristics when it comes to their insane reach, the creators who are leveraging both of these platforms and features are capitalizing on the ridiculous organic reach to grow their brands.

As these platforms evolve, so have the ways it’s being used. For all the latest on this, here are 5 TikTok and Instagram Reels Coaches you need to be following.

Alicia Chia

Alicia Chia is an expert on helping creators thrive on TikTok. She joined the platform in fall 2019 and took a deep dive into the app’s operations, giving her the clarity she needed to support her creators.

She helped them grow their personal brand and scale their social media presence, and she became the first intern to turn into a full-time employee at the APAC headquarters in Singapore. Over the last two years, she has had the pleasure of guiding some of the most inspiring creators on TikTok to achieve big breakthroughs. 

They have gone on to collaborate with large global brands, gain new leads for their business, or even quit their 9-to-5 jobs within months to launch their own online venture. Alicia is so passionate about helping people build a career through creating good TikToks.

That’s how she came to leave her cushy job at TikTok earlier this year. 

By consolidating her learnings over the years into a signature 3-step framework, the Triple C Method™, Alicia now offers coaching services to creators and businesses who want to leverage on the incredible potential of TikTok’s organic reach to grow both their community and sales. 

She has even had the honour of coaching TikTok’s own staff and key partners. Alicia has helped over 700 TikTok employees around the world, so to say she has a wealth of experience and insight is an understatement and she’s offering it to everyone through her valuable services. 

The TikTok Coach

Samantha Vlasceanu is The TikTok Coach and she is on a mission to show businesses and brands that TikTok is not just for teenagers. 

Samantha is not only a full-time TikTok coach, she is also an entrepreneur and mother of two. COVID-19 forced Samantha to close her traveling business and learn how to pivot. She began to explore the possibilities of TikTok when she realized she had grown a following of over 125k people in only a few months. 

The TikTok Coach has over 10 years of management consulting experience and she left the corporate world to become one of the first TikTok coaches in Canada. Today, Samantha teaches business owners of all kinds how to use TikTok as a sales funnel. So many business owners struggle to create content that converts, so The TikTok Coach’s strategies focus on connecting with the right audience and converting them into paying customers.   

After working with The TikTok Coach, her clients are regularly featured on Global News, CityTV, and other media channels. Her ability to bridge the gap between a TikTok presence and expanded PR opportunities speaks volumes about what this platform can do when the right strategies are in place. 

Many businesses are frustrated by the constantly changing social media algorithms. Samantha’s coaching programs help her clients future-proof their business by teaching them lifelong business, marketing, and sales skills that can be applied to any platform. 

Samantha knows it can be hard to build an online presence, so The TikTok Coach has a four-phased system that eliminates second-guessing and the risk of making rookie mistakes. 


Shanti Nowell is a social media influencer who uses her spirituality to reach broken-hearted souls and help them heal. Through UnapologeticShanti, Shanti helps people understand how they can shift their pain into progress in an effective and healing way. 

Shanti is also a life coach and she incorporates many of those strategies into her sessions, thus providing additional value to her clients. She also has her own podcast on Spotify and anchor fm, where she provides a ton of information without holding back. 

She is on a mission of saving one soul at a time, and she works with people from all walks of life. Shanti doesn’t judge and she prices her life coaching services reasonably so everyone can afford them. She understands how stressful it can be to need help but not being able to afford it, so she makes sure her services are accessible for a wide range of people. 

Shanti stands out from the rest because she is unapologetically herself. She doesn’t follow trends and she does what feels right for her. She accepts people as they are and helps them understand how they can get to where they want to go. The help she offers is genuine and nonjudgmental because she’s passionate about making a positive change in people’s lives. 

Kisha Media Solutions

Noura Keshk, most commonly known as Kisha, is an Instagram expert and coach who helps people grow their online personal branding by unlocking the power of Instagram. Kisha Media Solutions offers an online branding workshop for Instagram where people learn to design posts and stories, craft marketing plans for Instagram, promote to the right audience, and use all streams available on the platform. 

Kisha also offers 1:1 consultations via Zoom call, where she assesses the client’s Instagram page to offer advice, point out what the profile is missing, and explain how it can be improved. Both of her services allow people to grow their brands and learn how to use Instagram to their advantage. 

Before Kisha Media Solutions was born, Kisha worked as a freelancer and she started by helping friends with their accounts before she landed real clients. 3 years ago, she founded her brand and she focuses her services on startups, bloggers, and business owners who want to market their business and learn how to handle their Instagram accounts. She has become an expert at helping her clients stand out and realize their full potential on Instagram. 


Rebecca Ward is a TikTok and Reels coach who puts the “social” in “social media”. She is the founder of ThinkSocialBeSocial and she is an expert social media manager and consultant from the UK. She was a finalist in The Family Network Business Recognition Awards 2018 and has received a Highly Commended award in 2019. 

Rebecca is passionate about showcasing the person behind the business so they can build relationships, support, and collaborate with others to increase visibility and enjoy greater success. Social media moves fast, so just when you think you have mastered it, it changes. Keeping up is key, which is where ThinkSocialBeSocial comes in.

As a TikTok and Reels coach, she helps clients unlock the full potential of features such as Instagram Stories and Reels. Rebecca realised that these two features allow the audience to get to know the person behind the brand and begin a journey of know, like, and trust. 

ThinkSocialBeSocial started with a focus on being social, getting to know people, and showing an interest. This is how Rebecca became known for her social media knowledge and she is using her expertise to help others thrive in this constantly evolving social media world. Many businesses put the sale above everything else, but that’s not always the right path. Connecting with the audience can yield much better results!

Make sure to go and follow all these amazing TikTok and Instagram Reels coaches as they continue to make their mark on the world. 

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Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.