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5 Tips to Remain Informed on Construction News



For a structural engineer performing on multiple projects at various stages of design and construction, it is often a challenge to stay up so far on the newest industry trends. However, many folks within the housing industry enjoy learning about new construction techniques and unique projects. Receiving information about new technologies and design tools can also increase office efficiency. To make it easy to catch up on relevant industry news, we’ve shared our top five tips and shortcuts.

1. make time to stay informed

Blocking time on your calendar will allow you to catch up on industry news. Be sure to set aside some time on your calendar each week to read the construction news. Pick a consistent day and time (if possible) that is generally a little slower and less likely to schedule meetings. In our office, Monday mornings and Friday afternoons are usually the best times.

2. Subscribe to industry newsletters

After blocking time on your calendar, the next step is to sign up for some construction industry newsletters. Depending on the newsletter, you can sign up for a hard copy or receive them electronically in your inbox. So, Here are some great newsletters from the construction industry to get you started:

Structural Engineers Association Newsletters: If you haven’t signed up for the SEA newsletter for your city or state, you should start here. Many structural engineering association chapters have newsletters. For example, the Northern California Association of Structural Engineers has a monthly online newsletter. The State of Texas offers a quarterly magazine online, and some local chapters, including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, have their own newsletters. With a fast Google search, you’ll find one in your area.

ICC eNews:

Subscribe to the International Code Council’s weekly digital newsletter to receive ICC industry news, programs, and events. Civil + Structural Engineer e-News: Register on the home page of your website.

Hanley Wood Newsletters: You can choose from over 30 different online industry newsletters focused on residential construction and remodeling, or commercial construction and design.

Structural Report Newsletter: Sign up for this quarterly print and online newsletter for architects and structural engineers that provide industry and construction news and information on Simpson Strong-Tie products.

Strong-Tie News: For a quick read, sign up for our monthly company email newsletter. Electronic news includes new products and software, literature, videos, industry news, and training events.

Concrete News: If you’re involved in concrete construction and repair, this three-year print and digital newsletter have articles on the newest code changes, Construction News, and Simpson Strong-Tie product solutions.

3. Attend a technical webinar

Webinars are a simple thanks to staying connected to your profession and therefore the housing industry while learning new things. As a bonus, some webinars offer CEU or PDH credits so you can keep up with professional development requirements. Click here for our top three reasons why you should attend webinars.

Here may be a list of organizations that provide webinars that a lot of of our engineers attend:

  • ACI – American Concrete Institute
  • AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction
  • ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers
  • AWC – American Timber Council
  • CFSEI – Institute of cold-formed steel engineers
  • NCSEA – National Council of Structural Engineers Association
  • SEAOSC – Southern California Structural Engineers Association

4. Attend a live training event

There are many courses dedicated to improving building standards and the general safety of structures. We provide hundreds of classes to engineers, architects, builders, and code officers each year, so be sure to sign up for a workshop in your area or try one of our online courses.

Don’t forget to attend technical conferences as well. The Institute of Structural Engineering (part of ASCE) has multiple conferences throughout the year that help you earn CEU and PDH credits. However, the American Wood Council also has an events calendar with live training and webinars on hot topics in the industry.

5. Talk to other structural engineers

It is very easy to take this advice for granted. Sometimes we forget that the greatest asset and resource we have are our colleagues. At Simpson Strong-Tie, we offer “lunch and learning” sessions where different departments share initiatives that affect the business. So, If you work in an engineering company with different specialties, a lunch and learning session is an easy way for everyone to learn about a new project or design challenge. Another great way to connect with other structural engineers is to participate in networking events with structural engineering organizations. Here are a few to discuss:

  • SAINT – Association of structural engineers – International
  • NCSEA – National Council of Structural Engineer Associations
  • SEAOC – Structural Engineers Association of California
  • SEAOSC – Southern California Structural Engineers Association
  • SEAOCC – Central California Association of Structural Engineers
  • SEAOSD – San Diego Association of Structural Engineers
  • SEAU – Utah Structural Engineers Association
  • ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers
  • ACI – American Concrete Institute
  • AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction
  • PCA – Portland Cement Association
  • PCI – Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute
  • CRSI – Steel Institute for Concrete Reinforcement
  • AISI – American Iron and Steel Institute

In conclusion, there are also several professional LinkedIn groups, like this one, that provide not only educational content but also a way to ask questions and hear the thoughts and opinions of your peers.

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