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6 Productivity Advice To Have A Social Impact – Kartikey Mishra



Being able to measure and increase productivity can be a challenge for those working with social impact businesses. Most companies are still in the stage of organizing the business or in previous pre-launch periods and are still invested by the entrepreneurs themselves. In this sense, making the company productive is essential for its survival.

For this reason, Kartikey Mishra shares productivity advice for those who work with social impact.

6 productivity advice to have a social impact

Advice # 1 Delegate functions

It is very important to divide the business functions and specific areas between the team. “It is very common to see organizations that are starting and are still small with people who end up doing the same things at the same time, due to the lack of this division of responsibility. The decisions need to be collective, but the tasks need to be very well defined and separated from the first moment ”, he presents as productivity councils.

Advice # 2 Engage employees

“We note some things that are related, such as whether or not they participate in social responsibility activities, such as volunteering or crowdfunding, and how the company encourages this type of initiative”, he points out.

Kartikey‘s productivity advice is to involve everyone in the company in projects of this nature. “Because it increases team spirit and retention of talent because employees are more proud of the companies they work for. The salary each time is the least important factor, but the company must be socially responsible and involved in various social campaigns ”, he says. Simple management approaches like asking employees what they would like to do, let them have ideas, encouraging them to participate, help the company to grow and generate more feedback.


Advice # 3 Do strategic planning

In order to produce social impact, it is necessary to have good planning. “This project needs to bring all the work to be developed, what strategies will be used and where do you want to go with this process. My productivity advice is to be very clear about the impact you are having and the problem you are solving. There are several management models that place up to three goals and from that, you can carry out the other activities ”, he analyzes.

Advice # 4 Focus on products and services

For an organization that is just beginning, I would not put this effort into measuring the impact of what they are doing. Among my productivity advice, I would focus on expanding the sale and making the company financially viable so that, later on, I try to measure and leverage the social impact.

Advice # 5 Look for partnerships

Generally, companies that work with social impact have limited resources. For this reason, Kartikey recommends closing partnerships. “Preferably someone who sees the potential of the project, because it will help to dilute the risks, in addition to getting mentors to give you advice on productivity, strategies and business actions”, he teaches.

Advice # 6 Watch the results

Measuring the impact can be tricky in this sector, but Kartikey gives advice on productivity to assess the changes that the company’s performance has brought to the area in which it operates. “You look at how it was before and how it was afterwards and you start to have a measure for the impact with scientific data. And to leverage your business you need to show those results. They are also important to be presented to partners and investors ”.

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