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Dimitri Fostinis is a forward thinker, always coming up with new ideas and new plans. He loves to work and succeed and fortunately, both of these things go together pretty well in his case. Dimitri has always aspired to be a millionaire. As his life began advancing rapidly, he started to figure out that it was not as hard to become a millionaire as he thought.

Dimitri’s work profile

Dimitri runs multiple businesses. He is a DJ, collaborates with brands, dabbles in social media marketing but most importantly, he manages a large live stream talent agency with his partner and best friend, Rain Scott. Live streaming is the future of income now. There are millions of ways to earn money online but through his agency, Dimitri has allowed people to create their shows from the comfort of their homes and earn full-time income according to their convenience, which itself serves as a luxury.

Fostinis’ success journey

Dimitri Fostinis moved to Los Angeles. In just a few months he got an interview in Beverly Hills for a social media marketing position. After doing well during the interview, the company was ready to hire him the next day. Sadly, he was going to Mexico for a trip that weekend and would have been able to start for another week, so they said they needed him sooner. That is when they offered Dimitri a different job as a host. Dimitri had no clue as to what type of job he was getting into. He just knew that he was good with social media and marketing. He came back the next day, all dressed up and sat in a room with five other girls. It was just funny and awkward at the same time because he was dressed nice and also was the only guy. Then the live streaming world was unleashed on him and he got the job as host. From then onwards, Dimitri bounced from app to app doing the same thing trying to get as much money as he could for this type of work. It was then that he landed on Bigo Live and his life exploded.

Dimitri’s passion and purpose

Fostinis’ passion is to create a beautiful environment where people can generate an income according to their convenient time and in the most exciting way possible. Till now, he has helped people buy their first cars, support their children and the best one is that the people can enjoy their dream vacations while managing their work as well. Dimitri can achieve all of this in his life as well. His passion and purpose go hand in hand. His purpose is to create a world where people can live and earn freely, to create a happy place for as many people as possible, and to be able to lead that world.

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