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A Highly Distinguished Content Creator with Impeccable Photography Skills



Titles come from a journey that began with no special recognition. Friulan Davide Anzimanni developed a passion for photography, found his style, and is now making admirable strides in the content creation world. He became a content creator out of the skills he developed in photography. 

About Davide Anzimanni

Davide is 25 years old and lives in Udine. He is a sales engineer employee and, when free, a traveler and professional photographer. He stems his passion for photography eight years back while still in school. He studied different photography techniques as a self-learner, improving his style and vision for the world. His passion drove him to work in different organizations such as Kursaal at Lignano for a few summers and Maturità celebrations for three consecutive years. 

Getting into Content Creation

Davide loves traveling, and in 2018 he started posting random pictures on Instagram of the different places he visited. A picture of him that captured Braies lake went viral in a short while after people shared it on pages with millions of followers. He understood the potential he had on social media and began to exploit it, creating quality content for his trips entirely. He now has grown his following on Instagram to 128K. 

His Uniqueness

Davide collaborates with different brands and hotels that he visits from around the world. He creates content for hotels, resorts, and brands in each angle of the earth. Davide has worked with luxury hotels in Bali, Dubai Norway, Lapland, Italy, among others. In all his visits, he aims at discovering the grounds and capturing their essence through the camera.


Bringing his creativity to practice has made him reach higher milestones. His work has landed substantial profiles, he has been asked for partnerships with different realities, and he is an inspiration to others. Follow him on Instagram

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