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A Person Who Knows Loss, Tony Gomez Created The Brandon Alexander Foundation To Help Orphans And Parents Who Have Lost A Child Form A Community. Now, He is Bringing His Ideas To Latin America



Anthony, Tony, Gomez is the founder of the Brandon Alexander Foundation, which seeks to bridge the hole created in the lives of children without parents and parents who have lost their children. Tony created the organization in the spirit of his son, Brandon, who he tragically lost in June of 2020. Tony’s goal is to help people recover from their loss by providing support to both groups.

“The Brandon Alexander Foundation is focused on engaging, interacting, and providing mentorship to parentless children and parents who lost their offspring. As research demonstrates, many parentless children may develop pseudo-orphan syndrome due to them not having one or both parents. In some cases, the children may experience deprivation of social life, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and/or sleeping and eating disorders. In order to assist and promote the well-being of our children, the Foundation will conduct monthly exercises, activities, and events that will focus on sharing, mentoring, bonding, and care. Our final goal is for all the children involved in our organization to establish a positive and lifelong relationship with one another,” Tony explains.

Tony and his team are expanding their outreach to ensure that new groups of people are given the same opportunities and support that they are offering to individuals and families in The United States . They have been working on expanding their mission to various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to foster a community of support in these places.

“We will coordinate travel missions to Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico to deliver gifts and other items for parentless children.  We will also host Play, Laugh, and Live like Brandon events, which consist of weekend gatherings, mainly on Saturdays, where parentless children are able to share with other children and adults. These gatherings may take place in communal places such as parks and/or recreational areas and may also take place in closed localities such as movie theaters, museums, etc. Activities will be held at these events and at times, guest speakers will deliver messages to our attendants. Similar to what Brandon Alexander enjoyed, children, will have the opportunity to share, play, and interact with others during the weekends.​  Finally, we will deliver Fresh Like Brandon boxes with fresh outfits, a health item, a learning item, a fun item, a shirt, a sticker, and information about the foundation’s mission and story,” Tony remarks.

As you can tell from all that Tony has planned in these countries, the team has big goals to support community efforts in all of these areas. They did not want to limit themselves in any way to one particular region because help for orphans and childrenless parents is needed everywhere in the world.

“We have big goals and high expectations for our impact. Therefore, I did not want to limit our outreach to North America.  We have decided to also help children and families located in Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico because Brandon Alexander had family and friends there and there is a clear need as 12.4 million orphans live in Latin America and the Caribbean,” Tony says.

For Tony, this is all about giving back. He knows the pain and the feeling of loss all too well and he wants to mitigate that for others as much as he can. He is excited to expand his organization to new levels to reach more people.

“Most of the founders of nonprofit organizations have a deep passion for something bigger than themselves and they are worried about how they can contribute to big issues beyond their daily needs and their own families. This passion to give back to the community is very important and research confirms that giving can be the key to happiness,” Tony states.

The Brandon Alexander Foundation is on a mission to help children and adults under very difficult circumstances through a unique focus on sharing, mentoring, bonding, and care. 

There are many options to support our work and win at the same time exposure, fun gifts and surprises.  You can purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a custom dirt bike & other items at the foundation’s first fundraising event called “Brandon Alexander’s Auto & Bike Show” scheduled for the end of the year 2021. Visit the website for more information on how you can join.

To find out more about Tony and the Brandon Alexander Foundation, you can check out his website here.

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