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A Student, Sports Player & An Inspiring Entrepreneur – Miguel de Jesus



Miguel de Jesus is a 16 years old boy from South Africa. He runs and co-manages an agency known as ‘Grow with Us’. Through this agency, Miguel has been able to change people’s businesses and lives through proven strategies, a good heart, and philosophy that hard work, strategic planning, and investing reap rewards far beyond one’s imagination.
Miguel’s list of achievements

Miguel has been able to achieve 20k sales in the first 40 days of working with Grow with Us Agency, 3 million dollars in sales in the first year, changed over 1000 lives in 2020, and made a name for him by achieving 5-figure sales within 1 month of his journey. He has also been a great sports player and has got international recognition for both Hockey and Soccer. He has also visited Spain as well as Germany for soccer. Miguel has always been ambitious, enthusiastic, consistent, hardworking, kind-hearted, and giving. Miguel’s passion for learning along with the qualities that he possesses has made him what he is today.
Obstacles faced by Miguel Jesus

Miguel faced a lot of challenges while arranging funds for the start-up. He always seemed too young to be trustworthy and taken seriously and was not getting enough time to do the work along with maintaining his academics. Miguel also dealt with his parent’s divorce at a very young age. He learned very early in his life that he should stay away from people who weren’t there to help him in life and thus made his circle smaller. Miguel made some mistakes in his financial life as well. He stopped working and lost momentum for some time becoming complacent. He became lazy at times and did not take advice from mentors believing he knew better. Miguel improved on all the mistakes made by him and applied his learning and thus became successful at the young age of 16.
Miguel’s source of inspiration and future goals

Miguel thrives for growth and success professionally and personally. He also aims to be the CEO of his organization. He plans to change and improve as many lives as possible and help the less fortunate to become financially stable. In the future, Miguel wants to fund the ‘de Jesus foundation of Business and entrepreneurship within the youth. He always desired to be financially free as he grew up experiencing poverty in his country and thus, worked hard so that he never has to experience the hardships. Miguel always wanted to become a better person and an inspiration to someone else so that he could have an amazing story of his life that he can speak about, to others.

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