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A Sweet & Sour Journey: Shwetank Deshmuk



Who doesn’t love food? Creamy pastas, mouth watering gol-gappas and crunchy tacos. Just thinking about them makes us crave a plate.

Everyone’s city is full of wonderful food spots. Some famous, and some that are highly underrated.

And, Shwetank Deshmukh, a 27-year-old Foods  Blogger from Mumbai takes us on a wonderful tour of the best food in every town.

Recently, he was able to take a quick break from his delicious globe trotting and speak with us about his journey.

Here’s how our little chat went.

Q: How did you reach this destination? What was the journey like?
Shwetank: I have started this food blogging journey in September 2019. Nothing ever comes easy to a newbie, especially in such an established field. But I had a willingness to learn and grow. Eventually, I started coming out of my cocoon. As of now, I have reviewed over 200 restaurants in Mumbai alone.

Q: What was the inspiration behind becoming a food blogger?
Shwetank: Every place has its own delicacy and I was always interested in trying out different street foods & restaurants. Also, some of my favourite creators happen to be food bloggers and their talent and drive really moved me. I wanted to be like them and from there I got a motivation that I too wanted to do something in this niche. Hence I took up Food blogging.

Q: What are the problems that you’ve encountered as a food blogger?
Shwetank: Some people think that being a food blogger is very straightforward. Sadly, they are mistaken. Being a food blogger requires excellent photography skills, unique creativity for content creation, and a good social media presence that aptly showcases your talent and promotes great food. These were my biggest challenges so far

Q: How did you overcome these hurdles?
Shwetank: Overcoming these challenges isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’m a work in progress when it comes to learning and finding solutions. Constant practice in this field, and showcasing your quality work is the key to many problems.

I’ve found that, the better you get, the bigger the audience you attract. I’ve had a good experience so far, and I hope to continue it further.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
Shwetank: I’ll continue to brush up my skills and hopefully that will take me to the level of the people I’d looked up to.

Q: Is there any message that you want to share?
Shwetank: I just want to say that whatever you pursue, do it with hard work, and determination! If you enjoy your work, then nothing can stop you from becoming successful.



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