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A Word with the Creators of Genix Beauty



Genix Beauty’s Regenerative Skin Elixir is taking the skincare and cosmetics world by storm, but you won’t need a generator after this one. Their new anti-aging Elixir will literally (and figuratively) regenerate the damage for you! After 15 years of steady research and production, the Genix Regenerative Skin Elixir has launched and is ready to give people all over the world to the opportunity to attain youthful skin once more.

“Once we discovered the potential the SPC had, we knew we would be doing the world a disservice if we didn’t use its power to create a product that would help so many people attain something that helps them wake up every day feeling as confident, happy and youthful as they should- regardless of their age. And so our Regenerative Skin Elixir was born- and we are thrilled to introduce this breakthrough to the world,”- Finger-Baker.

The Genix Regenerative Skin Elixir has proven real anti-aging results time and time again through both testimonials and a clinical trial that involved over 50 participants. The results of the clinical trial stated that the vast majority of participants saw improvements in fine lines and wrinkles after just one month of using the product. The Genix Vice President of Development, Isaac Finger-Baker, attested to these incredible results.

“The simple fact is that it works, and that fact has been proven beyond reasonable doubt,” said Finger-Baker.

So what exactly makes Genix Beauty’s Regenerative Skin Elixir such an effective product?

A foundation based on scientific research and the discovery of a never- -before-seen ingredient; their Synergistic Protein Complex. The Synergistic Protein Complex in Genix’ Regenerative Skin Elixir boasts both potency and extreme abundance of just about every ingredient the skin could need to attain its ultimate prime state. More importantly, it is the first of its kind to be created with this breakthrough complex. This Genix SPC was first discovered when Genix’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Peter McFeteridge, was studying the regenerative properties for wound healing and tissue regeneration. According to Dr. McFetridge, there is a vital ingredient in the SPC that when discovered, created a value so rare he was in awe.

“The thing that makes Genix so fundamentally different from anything else on the market it’s extra cellular matrix- a vital component of our SPC.”

The Genix ECM has collagen, laminin and fibronectin- and that’s just naming a few. These compounds create the elasticity that essentially holds our bodies together.

“The abundance of these elasticity gurus in our ECM work to create healing and regenerating properties in our product that have an impeccable ability to produce superior anti-aging results,” said McFeteridge.

In their marketing approach, Genix Beauty chooses to seek a more genuine route. This route is uncommon in most cosmetic marketing, but extremely admirable.

“We knew we had such an efficient product that was proven through SCIENCE, so there was no need for mystification. Genix’s scientific background and results speak for themselves, so instead of trying to create a glamorous image with vague descriptions, we chose to educate our clients on exactly what’s inside the product, what those ingredients will do for their skin, and how the simple understanding of the way it works can ensure scientifically proven results to those who may feel skeptical,” said Finger-Baker.

Peter McFetridge also urges those who search for products to be mindful of the common mystification you will see among skincare advertisements. As a PHD in chemical biology, he has taken the time to educate himself and others on common “bandwagon words” they’ll see in products, because they are often not what they seem.

“Many skincare products on the market right now will just go with keywords such as “peptides” in their advertisements in order to draw in more clientele. The unfortunate part is that most consumers don’t pay attention to the scientific aspect. Words like that are seen and products are bought because they’ve been used in other popular products, but many don’t even know the actual definition of what they are or what they actually do for your skin. If more people paid attention, they wouldn’t end up wasting their money on products that boast bandwagon myths for image,” said McFetridge.

While marketing can be a very deceptive field, it’s safe to say that Genix Beauty has chosen a path of authenticity when educating their clientele. This kind of genuine brand identity is rare to the skincare and cosmetics world, perhaps almost as rare as the revolutionary scientific findings that helped them create the anti-aging product.

Fifteen years of research has certainly paid off for creators of Genix Beauty, while they can now introduce a product that requires no deception- because the proof is in the results.

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