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Health is wealth. In order to be successful, one must be healthy, so they can dedicate their time and energy to other ventures without any fear.

But in these times where life is extremely faced paced one usually forgets to take care of themselves and neglect their health. Also, with digitalisation and technological strides, junk food is easily available and doing physical activities is at bare minimum.

Add a global pandemic into this mix, health stands at a precarious position.

In such situations people need a guide who can tell them what are the right foods and coach them into maintaining a healthy body.

Abhilash Dandotiya, a 28 year old nutritionist and weight management expert knows the ins and outs of the fitness world and has helped out innumerable people with the content he creates on Instagram and his insightful advice.

Abhilash works at the world’s biggest IT company; during the initial days of his corporate job, he had fallen victim to a sedentary lifestyle that had started taking a toll on his health.

One day he got a wake up call – that he had to take care of himself and start living a healthier life. He consulted many nutritionists and started working out. The combination of a strict diet and physical exercises not only carved him into shape, but it also boosted his energy levels and sparked his interest in this field.

Nutrition is one of his biggest passions but becoming a nutritionist is no cake walk. It requires extensive reading and regular classes. For someone like Abhilash – who already has an established career, getting into nutrition and fitness can be a challenge due to time crunches.

But Abhilash is good at time management too, and worked out nifty ways to cater to everything. He is dedicated towards his job, and the 1 hour commute to and from work on the local train is when he reads. He attends evening classes, so his regular job isn’t hindered. On the weekends, he can be seen writing and planning content for his Instagram account.

The nutrition facts that Abhilash posts are always well received and help educate the masses on this topic.

Currently he is working on an app where people can get diet plans that suit their lifestyle, at affordable prices. The app will also have a feature that tells the user whether the food product they purchased was healthy or not.

According to Abhilash , “Nutrition is all about studying. If your passion is nutrition then study as much as you can. The more you study the better you will be as a nutritionist.”.

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