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After quitting a 9 to 5 job Adam Reich establishes three major companies.



A major part of the working population tends to face a problem that is so significant, that it may create other barriers like lack of stability or low credit stand. Even though these complications are subjective and impressionistic they impact various factors of one’s life. Certain institutions are established to tackle such problems. These institutions work closely with their clients to help them improve their credit scores so that they can diversify their investment activities. 

With a similar vision Adam Reich, founder of True Credit Repair started his company to help people get their credit score up so that they can fulfill their dreams. True credit repair is a New York-based company that offers a wide range of financial services. Adam Reich is also the founder of  Passive Profits Ecom automation, ReinventU wellness center, and Health supplements. Being influenced by the gym and weight lifting, Adam started his professional career as an online personal trainer, dealing with over 100 clients. Even though his life has been a journey of a roller coaster, Adam was always inspired by the desire to achieve financial freedom. He worked in the department of corrections on Rikers Island, which has led him to discover the ugliness that this world is infected with. 

Creating a business that deals with finances require skills and a unique mindset. Adam explains that his entrepreneurial journey started as he was stuck in a miserable job, which did little for his happiness. His yearning to get out of the 9 to 5 cycle implored him to experiment and start his business. While working on various projects he decided to improve his credit standing, which later drew his attention as he welcomed it as a business opportunity. 

While initiating his business, Adam decided to build it on strong moral and ethical values. Although attracting a bunch of customers might seem tempting, he was inclined to serve his clients with utmost accountability and transparency. He explains, “In my opinion building your brand along with your reputation holds so much more value that can and will benefit you so much more in the long run.”

Today Adam Reich is one of the top entrepreneurs in his field. All the entrepreneurial checkpoints have bloomed into successful enterprises. While embarking on a great journey, he has helped a lot of people find their paths too. He is an example of a true businessman with a mindset to contribute to the societal cause. 

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