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Ajeet Gulsar Has Turned his Dreams Into Reality



Ajeet Gulsar is the proud owner of the famous agency AG Digital Media. His agency is related to digital marketing which includes services like marketing strategy, social media marketing, promotion and many more.

Ajeet Gulsar is a 22-year-old boy from a small village Rampura, Sanchore in Jalore, Rajasthan who is an established digital entrepreneur. He is also a very skilled web developer and is a very talented public relation Expert.

Ajeet started working at the age of 17. Since childhood, he was quite interested in digital marketing. As he found his passion in the world of digital marketing, he decided to make it his career and thus started working while his friends of his age were still figuring out what their dream was. Ajeet dropped out of his college, many people warned him it was a bad idea and asked him to continue his studies as they thought and as the myth goes education is the only way to be successful in their career. Ajeet trusted his gut and continued what he loved that is working as a digital marketer. And soon proved everyone wrong when he gained recognition for his work and hit big in the industry very quickly.

He worked as a freelance worker for many agencies and organization before he launched his own agency AG Digital Media back in the Noveember,2020. Working in the industry, he has gained quite a success.
He is very thankful to his parents and his best friend Kajal Kashyap and praveen parmar , who believed and supported his dream. He is quite grateful to have a friend like Kajal, she motivated and supported him when he was struggling in his work life and was with him through thick and thin. He believes that the when one starts working, outcomes does not happen instantly or overnight. it will eventually happen over time but one should always be stay consistent and be patient and continue to work hard to achieve it. And one day all of their hard work will eventually be paid off.

Ajeet is has become quite successful in his career. He has worked with many high-profile clients which includes several renowned celebrities in the industry. Ajeet has worked hard and established himself into one of the well-known digital entrepreneurs in this vast industry. He is looking forward to be the best entrepreneur in the world. Thus, this shows that being a dropout did not stop Ajeet Gulsar from attaining his goal of doing something impactful in his life and become a famous digital marketer.

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