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Alex Hudock is Helping Men Create Meaningful Relationships in the New Normal



The pandemic has proven to be challenging to people all across the world. Not only did it bring businesses to a halt, but it kept millions isolated for their safety. Being confined for such a long time has also affected how people make meaningful connections with others, especially romantically. 

Alex Hudock, a relationship coach, and life mentor have seen how men struggled with finding relationships during this disconnected and frustrating time. He’s helped numerous men find meaningful connections with others as well as grow in various aspects of life. 

In 2020 alone, Alex helped over 500 single men recalibrate their dating lives, over 30 men get promotions at work or find a higher paying job, and over 80 men improve their current relationships that were at the brink of breakup or divorce. 

Learning From His Introvertedness 

Growing up, Alex wasn’t always as confident as he is now. He was introverted and would rather sit inside and play video games than go outside and socialize. 

When asked about his change, Alex explained: “About halfway through high school, I realized I needed to grow. I had to get out there. I wanted to meet women and create worthwhile relationships. With some perseverance and by confronting my fears head-on, I transformed into a person able to connect with others on a deep, emotional level.” 

Since then, Alex has had many relationships. Through them all, he’s learned many things about himself and others. Chiefly, that we are all so different. Yet we all require the same level of acceptance and love. 

“I had faced many challenges and came out better on the other side. I have a vision of the future where people get back to the core of what it is to be human. To live in the realm of healthy, functional relationships. I know I can give that to them, even if I have to do it, one soul, at a time,” he said. 

Improving Himself Before He Can Help Others 

With the intent to better equip himself for every client, Alex enrolled in several self-improvement courses over the years. If he could consistently improve himself, he knew he could consistently improve others. 

“At first, these courses were great. But as my momentum steadily increased, I also realized a major pitfall. All of these courses were too impersonal. Plus, there were so many people in them just starting on the journey but not yet motivated to put in the work needed. The larger the course, the bigger the problem. But was this a size or motivation issue?” 

He decided to take matters into his own hands and created a mastermind group–a mastermind composed of people from these courses who he felt were on the right path and committed to improving every day

“By collaborating with so many other successful men, we have all continued to push each other to be better while also holding each other accountable in healthy ways.  All of us started reaching milestones in dating, wealth, and fitness that we never could alone.” 

Armed with an ever-expanding toolbox, Alex improves daily to become better equipped to help YOU conquer dating, confidence, and life. 

For more information on Alex Hudock, visit or check out his Instagram. To book a free initial consult, visit 

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