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An Ace In The Industry: How Influential Speaker And PR Agency Owner Jay Jay Grew His Career



We all have a reason or inspiration for doing things. For Jay Jay, his motivation comes from inspiring people.

Nearly 16 years ago, he started his mission and career by doing magic, where he organically grew the top magic Youtube channel with over 50,000,000 million views in more than 150 countries.

Eventually, he realized that the art of illusions wasn’t how we wanted to inspire others. He then moved to build his career as a speaker and performance coach.

It was there that Jay Jay was able to fully achieve his dreams of inspiring people and helping them reach their full potential.

Motivating Better Leaders

As an international speaker, Jay Jay used his experience as a digital creator, TV host, and magician to deliver meaningful ideas to audiences everywhere and to entrepreneurs who want to make a positive change in their lives, Jay Jay is the person who will inspire them for the better.

Jay Jay is passionate about change management, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and leadership. He spent most of his career understanding and learning how corporate companies operate to be able to host sessions efficiently and effectively

He took every chance he got to accustom people to the right mindset that they need to develop to become successful in life and business.

With the positive feedback that he received as a motivational speaker, Jay Jay decided to branch out and start another career that’s also centered around helping others.

Starting Ace Of Spades PR

As social media continues to rise in popularity, more people are looking to leverage the digital space and use it to promote their brand or service to audiences everywhere.

But it’s not always a walk in the park since many people are looking for credibility and authenticity, things that can’t easily be found in the oversaturated online space.

This is where Jay Jay steps in and provides the necessary tools to help influencers and entrepreneurs.

With his PR and social media agency, Ace Of Spades, Jay Jay helps clients gain a platform and exposure to express themselves. He uses the techniques and strategies that he has learned to catapult brands and personalities into a position of success.

Jay Jay’s passion for helping others can be seen in his career and journey. Not only did he work on himself to become an efficient and influential speaker, but he also ventured into new horizons to provide people with the push that they needed towards success.

Get to know more about Jay Jay through his Instagram account (@jayjaylive).

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