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An Bui: An Entrepreneur Dropped Out Of College But Is Able to Help Students Accelerate Their Careers



Providing skilled and experienced mentors and coaches to show you the path and save you years of your time and money

Never trade most of your time for money at a job. Instead, trade your value. When you know how to properly utilize your skills and bring your employer results, you can work so little so fast and still get paid 6 figures. You just have to learn and master the required skills in demand by today’s companies and markets. Such skills can be taught regardless of one’s experience level. Anyone has to start from scratch at one point, and once you have learned and acquired the skills you need, you can charge premiums for even the little work or projects that you do and have more spare time doing other things or working on other side projects.

Quite a few success stories in the digital marketing space include individuals who even didn’t finish college or intentionally dropped out of school to save time and money and start earning 6 or more figures just by learning and utilizing the correct in-demand skills by many companies. One of many countless college dropouts who has proudly found great success in his chosen career path is An Bui.

Working as an instructor at Online Career Accelerator based in Los Angeles, California, An Bui and his team of mentors offer and provide a career training program that teaches individuals the right skills needed to land remote jobs in the digital space. Their training program is taught by experts in the field of job search and remote work who provides job searchers with useful knowledge to begin their remote job search. Online Career Accelerator’s program is specifically tailored for individuals with no college degrees, skills, or job experiences. Their coaches and mentors guide all of their trainees in finding part-time or full-time remote jobs.

At the age of 17, An Bui got frustrated with the thought of living a life in debt (massive student loan for his college education) and did not want to do something he might hate. Because of these very reasons, he decided to pursue a career in digital marketing in hopes of getting freedom from an agonizing 4-year course and massive student loan debt. An Bui dropped out of college and self-taught himself, together with the help of some mentors he reached out to, the in-demand skills in the digital marketing space, and was able to land high-paying jobs. He landed his first 6-figure job just within 6 months after dropping out of college and was able to earn past 6 figures at the age of 21. 

His bold decision in dropping out and risking his future in learning on his own paid off big. Now, An Bui is focused on helping others succeed in a similar path by helping professionals and students, without skills, degrees, experiences, or massive investments to go to school by teaching them job-relevant skills that can help them land a high paying career.

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