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Anthony Nuara is Setting the Benchmark for Growth




Founders are not leaders but visionaries, no matter the age, you can become a founder. At 25, Anthony had $1,000 in his bank account and took a risk, 6 years later he reached multi-millionaire status. To be a founder, you think uniquely and you give to others while paving a path. Anthony uses a positive outlook and ambition to find the resources, contacts and connections to launch:

  • Freedom Power Solutions (a solar company),
  • Freedom Investing (a community of investors),
  • Freedom Water Solutions (a water purification company),
  • and Amazon Freedom (an Amazon automation company)


The dual CEO and Founder role in Freedom Power solutions involve him growing companies to scale. It’s not just about today and tomorrow but about next year and the 10 years after that. It requires a vision and the creativity to expand and employ others who can support the vision. Anthony prefers to invest money in people and build people from within. He listens, learns and is realistic by under-promising and over-delivering.

Like the money mindset of a true CEO, he wants to become a billionaire, but not for the reasons that you might think. He wants to reach that level of success “because I know how many people I can help with that type of influence/money”. He has risen to this level, by reading a lot, he’s an all or nothing kind of person who attacks opportunities.

Growth mindset

Anthony sees life as a need to constantly move forward, “You are either growing or dying, nothing in life stays stagnant. I always want to be in the process of growing”. Growing companies, growing minds and developing processes are skills that take time to master. In 2020, he had his most successful year, even with contracting coronavirus (COVID-19)!

He is motivated by knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of people that he can help. He can make life long changes for the better. He chooses to learn and shine light wherever he is and stirs the same in others: a need for better. Anthony desires impact and has received thousands of letters over the years thanking him has been his biggest reward. He wants to be the leader that he wished that he had gotten when he needed a mentor.

Daily life

He wakes up to a few hundred messages and emails. Everything isn’t work, because he has chosen to live the life that he loves. “Work” is fun, hence for him, “every day is my birthday”, and he still has lots of personal things that he wants to improve on. His next venture is a real estate hedge fund.

Nuara is an open book and is happy to help others who want to learn more about what he does. Send him a message on his social media accounts:

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