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Argie Gudo : Everything You Need To Know



If you are a music lover, then you must have heard Run Me Dry. It is getting an immense popularity around the globe since the song is a feel-good song with a darker side. The cantina vibe has brought to mind artists like Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin but the rock edge throughout the song includes an immense enjoyable and a unique flair to the single. The tune is highly memorable and the chorus of the song is appealing since it touches the heart deeply. The song contains the love story and the artist Argie Gudo has made it modern as compared to the other songs. In this way, it has become a great fit for several dance and pop music libraries. 

Within the music, the song creator has conveyed the message that can help this stand apart from the crowds of the other songs and standard pop music. With lyrics, this is an exclusive song and the majority of the people love to hear this song due to its amazing and appealing lyrics. In this song, Argie has produced a tragic and engaging story of addictive attraction that describes people how being in blind love can still satisfy. It is a song that keeps you on repeat that can bring something unique to the listening experience all the time when it plays. 

If we talk about the Artist, then we come to know that he is getting popularity, in the world of music. Argie Gudo is a guitarist, composer, songwriter and a singer. Gudo was born in Greece but he shifted to London UK and currently he is here. At his young age, he uses to write the songs and has performed in different music events and venues solely and with bands too, Gudo is a successful and a skilled artist who has numerous songs on his credit and all those are highly famous and some of them are box-office hit including guitar instrumentals and lyric both. 

Argie says that he likes to trust his intuition. For him, life is an up and down ride and nothing is permanent here. Therefore, he believes in doing something different and unique. His track Run me Dry is a wonderful example of his free-spirited and creativity musical style. His musical influences are several legends like Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana and these were the fellows who have helped Gudo to be an electric guitarist. Those legends have a strong influence on him and one more is Joe Satirani. Due to Joe, Gudo has discovered the music without lyrics for an electric guitar. 

You can acces him on Instagram. For all his fans and followers, he is available with all his new and old songs and tracks online. Not only this, all his fans and followers can learn more about him from his profile on instagram. Moreover, he uploads his recent activities, videos, audios and tracks here. It is very simple to access him for the music and his songs online. 

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