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Arjun Dhingra’s Passion and Experience Have Weathered the Storm of 2008 and he’s Confident that He’ll Beat the Next One



Arjun Dhingra does two things with passion; coach Team USA in TaeKwon-Do and mortgage advising. These two things, while seemingly very different, have a lot in common and have given Dhingra the edge needed to set himself apart in the industry. “I am different from others in my professional space because of my coaching background, but I feel it’s what clearly separates me to a consumer. I am a big advocate for the consumer and first time buyer, preaching financial literacy around mortgages through guidance and education. Consumer behavior in real estate and lending is not programmed to ask the right questions and seek the correct strategy for themselves, so that is what I push back against and help towards every day.”

Dhingra has been working every day for the last twenty years to mentor others in one way or another. Now he has ample wisdom to share, including helping people understand what measurements of success are the healthiest to strive for. “Success is a moment in time, and one that is nothing more than a reward.  A reward for being prepared and seizing the opportunity. Some also call that the definition of luck, but I feel that is success in a definition.  You should always want more of these in life, which means you have to prepare again and be ready for your shot.” But with talk of success must come talk of failure and fear. And there is a lot of fear surrounding mortgaging a new home. “Fear, to me, means something that you need to confront or deal with. It’s obviously something you avoid, whatever it may be, and is also what is most likely holding you back from bigger things. As the old saying goes, everyone, you want is on the other side of that wall. That wall is called fear.”

There are other opportunities that clients are often concerned about, especially when capital is freed up for them to chase their dream of being an entrepreneur. But Dhingra has seen enough businesses rise and fall to understand one very important problem with this entrepreneurship craze. “Starting any business can have challenges, but in this country – that’s the easiest part.  Its staying IN business and outlasting others that you compete with that is the hard part.  When I got started 20 years ago, the financial crisis of 2008 helped thin out my industry and real estate tremendously. The last 10 years have caused another run up and I believe we are close to another moment of “purging” in our space. Those comments are when we see who is built to stay and who was just here for the party… Getting in business is trendy and can often be easy to get started, but that can give people a false sense of what it’s really all about.  Or hitting early successes.  My advice is to have a few mentors (one in your industry and one totally unrelated), and always stay a student of the game.  Keep learning, getting certified, seeking to evolve and you will never stall out in whatever business you get into. Be humble, hungry and refuse to be outworked.”

Whether it’s starting a business, buying a home, or coaching TaeKwon-Do, Dhingra understands one very important lesson. “Mindset, of course, is everything.  I carry one of abundance, in that it’s all about helping and giving to others. If my focus is on helping as many families and individuals achieve this great milestone as possible, then I am going to receive it back 10x in whatever way that is.”

Dhingra has positioned himself with experience and passion to be that agent to help as many families as he can. Check out his website here to get valuable advice on how to approach home ownership, from first-time buyers to those looking to move into a market opportunity.

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