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Ashley Ann Shares What It’s Like To Build a Massive Brand



Building the Brand

Ashley Ann Jones knows what it takes to stand out. In a digital world full of fakes and scams, customers demand authenticity and results. “I am transparent,” Ashley Ann, known online as @KingAshleyAnn says simply. “I show what works and what doesn’t. I share my wins and learning experiences.” Those wins now include over 11,000 clients who have monetized their social media, 600 who are generating six-figure incomes, and 146 that boast annual revenue over $1 million. “You will be hard pressed to find anyone with more receipts and testimonials of individuals and companies that get proven results,” she adds. “We get Kommas in the Kingdom. There is proof of the money made in these Social Media Streets.” 

Work Before Work

Before Ashley Ann could establish herself as social media royalty, she had to rid her court of jokers and jesters. “I went through what I call my bankruptcy period,” she recalls. “My health was trash, I was surrounded by frenemies, I felt like I was trapped inside of a physically abusive marriage, and I was extremely depressed.” These circumstances made starting or managing a successful business almost impossible, so Ashley Ann changed her thinking and changed her life. “I learned that accountability and ridding yourself of being a victim is liberating and the key to creating the life you want,” she explains. “If you make the decision to acknowledge the part you play in things that happen to you instead of being so focused on what others do to you, you can redirect energy, stop repeating cycles, and literally tap into your power and create the life you want.”

Building the Life

With her castle clean, Ashley Ann set to work building her kingdom. She began live streaming on Periscope every day for two years, establishing her presence and spreading her name across the internet, always backed by results. In addition to her social media empire, Ashley Ann acts as an event planner, a business builder, and a public speaker, tying her talents together to form an unstoppable force online and off. After finding success, Ashley has given back, donating more than half a million dollars in scholarships and community service projects, as well as securing $20 million in funding for black-owned businesses so that others can prosper, even in a pandemic. 

Sharing Her Wisdom

After traveling her difficult road to success, Ashley Ann offers advice to any young entrepreneur seeking their own way. “Put some thought into what you can add to the world,” she begins. “What are you good at right now or what skill set do you currently have? Once you get a pulse on that thing then start to dive into the community through commentary, live streams, hashtags, and strategic content.”

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