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ATS Wallet to Launch World’s First Digital Wallet IPO for Investors in 2022



With the massive boom in cryptocurrencies generating very good profit margins, the future of coinbase stocks now seems to be very rosy. People are inclined in cryptocurrencies as a safe way to earn cash as profit.

This particular trend juxtaposes with the US-based company ATS will launch its IPO in 2022 for the benefit of the investors. ATS Wallet is the first digital money storage wallet applying Masternode pump technology to help investors receive passive funds everyday no storage wallet can do it.

Founded in 2013, ATS sold its shares in 2020. The bourse saw a massive inclination of the investors in the shares in 2020. Going by this trend, the IPO coming in 2022 is also likely to receive a very good response from the investors.

One of the reasons for it is that the current boom in the realm of cryptocurrencies in the world is further going to follow an upward curve making the IPO a very lucrative bet. It also is one of the safest investment bets for investors as the IPO is going to be pegged at generating a very good margin of profit.

Naturally, the investors would not like to miss the chance of profiting from investing in the IPO of ATS Wallet. ATS will be the next stock after coinbase as the next most powerful digital wallet to be listed on major US stock exchanges. This is quite natural as the fundamentals of the company are very strong.

Besides, the Nasdaq securities also play a very positive role in enhancing the trust of investors in Coinbase stocks. It is under these circumstances that the investors can foresee the projected rise in the prices of ATS shares when the IPO is launched in March 2022.

Successful listing of shares on major exchanges gives investors huge returns, and the upcoming IPO of ATS shares will be successful because it is registered as a Money Service Business with FinCEN and complies with the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA Patriot Act. It also complies with state money transmission laws and regulations.

The price band of the IPO is going to be $ 1.

The ATS Share Plans is very simple and those aiming to buy them can simply download ATS Wallet on Android and complete the necessary formalities to buy shares.

Masternode (investors) who own ATS shares today will passively receive Ethereum and Dash daily, these are two highly potential cryptocurrencies in the coin top table and will soon be. increased strongly, creating super compound profits for investors. ATS Wallet already sold more than half of the shares and will soon increase the price band. The reason behind the proposed raising of share prices follows an upward swing in prices of Coinbase shares.

The company is hopeful the prices of the share will go further up before the IPO is floated in 2022. Currently, the ATS shares are being bought by large underground investors in large quantities. Through the IPO, the company is aiming to raise additional funds for its expansion programmes.

As announced by ATS company, the amount of sold shares has reached 60%, and currently there are nearly 40% of the number of shares to trade, so the volume of Stocks are increasingly scarce and are expected to be sold out before IPO in March 2022.

ATS Wallet is going to get listed in two stock exchanges in the USA. Currently, the ATS stock price is trading at $0.045 per share as of March 26, 2021. The current share price of ATS is $ 0.05.

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