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Attila O’dree Is The Mentor You Need For Successful Affiliate Marketing



In 2021 and beyond the opportunity to work from home has become quite popular.    There’s an exciting industry named the affiliate marketing industry where you can earn a lot of money without having to work for someone.   It’s not that easy though to make it as an affiliate marketer.    You need the right people to help you along the way, that keep it real and don’t promise BS and keep you grounded with realistic expectations.   

Meet Attila O’dree, founder of iAmAffiliate and bestselling author. What’s most remarkable about him is his dedication and drive to help individuals achieve the financial goal they desire. 

He is constantly active in creating resources that will help people to understand affiliate marketing and become master of it. Attila believes that it’s one of the best ways to make money online. He shares his knowledge and experience in the premium forum (IAmAffiliate) that has thousands of members who are making more than 6 figure a year autopilot. 

Thank you for doing this interview. I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life.  I remember when I was 15 years old I started a web design company and got clients from all over the world. This was during the dot com boom in the 1990s.    From there,  I went on to organize festivals and after running out of money and not having many options, went back to the internet and computers and discovered affiliate marketing.    It allowed me to work from anywhere as long as there was an internet connection, and gave me the freedom to manage my own time.   I started a blog in 2013 named iAmAttila where I share amazing tips and tricks on how I do what I do.  I even wrote a book named “From Zero to Super Affiliate” that became a bestseller on Amazon the Marketing section.  


My parents were always entrepreneurs and I didn’t like working for someone else.  Hated having to come in at 8AM and stay till 5PM everyday when I worked at Netnation.     By doing my own thing I can work whenever I want, and I still work hard just no one will be mad if I take long breaks during the day.  


I like to be honest, to the point and blunt.  If something rocks, I’ll confirm.  If something sucks, I’ll be very vocal about it without much care.  


Elon Musk,  he is the richest guy in the world and he doesn’t care. He still talks to everyone on the street, has no ego and works harder than all of his employees and loves it.   He’s an amazing role model, a true nerd that Inspires me to be me; and I’m happy that I love nerdy shit, and working and learning new stuff too – and it’s not a bad thing like the jocks in high school used to make me feel in the past.    Afterall, everyone wishes they could be as RICH and COOL as ELON MUSK! 

I like to go for a walk,  BBQ,  watch a good movie with the family and just hang out and do DIY projects.

Automation and technology is killing jobs and peoples livelihoods.  Unfortunately mundane tasks aren’t very employable and 10 years from now a lot of jobs will be replaced by robots and or software tech.   I see this as a HUGE threat to society because doing ‘high level work’ requires a lot of effort, work and of course knowledge and brains.   Sadly the fact of the matter is, most people are lazy, they hate to learn new things and just want to do the bare minimum so they can have their ‘fun’ doing ‘fun’ things.

My company iAmAffiliate is a training school for people interested in learning affiliate marketing.  Inside the members area we help people master Facebook Ads,  Learn Google Adwords,  figure out how to run campaigns on Taboola, Outbrain and other native sources.      It’s probably the best investment anyone can make that’s interested in learning affiliate marketing.    It’s a great investment and it’s only $50 a month.

Visit my blog at, it has contact details or join my forum iAmAffiliate and start learning affiliate marketing!

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