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Back From The Edge Of Addiction: The Medical Network Helping Patients Make The Full Journey To Recovery



It’s now no secret that addiction and related mental health problems play a huge part in the lives of many people. Addiction is a downward spiral that can quickly spin out of control. People suffering from addiction tend to become unhealthy, distant, develop mental health issues, or in extreme cases, cause themselves harm. The effects of addiction, both long and short term, have consequences not just for those suffering from sobriety issues themselves, but also for the people in their lives. If left unchecked, addiction can tear families apart, ruin relationships, destroy livelihoods, and wreck communities. 

The answer to addiction isn’t hard-handed discipline, arrest, or to stigmatize what they’re going through. Those are old-school aggressive reactions that only lead to further isolation, and the reality that is only now being understood is that addiction thrives off isolation. Addiction grows and intensifies, unless one connects with a collaborative, compassionate, and respectful guiding hand to recovery.

This is the mission of the Edgewood Health Network (EHN Canada), a network of mental health and addiction facilities across Canada. With over 75 years of combined experience in mental health and addiction treatment amongst their facilities, EHN’s network of outpatient and inpatient treatment services is the best in the country. However, what distinguishes their services isn’t just their widespread presence, with locations in Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, and more, but their approach to mental health and addiction treatment.

The experts at EHN Canada offer treatment for a number of addictions and disorders including: alcohol addiction, sex addiction, drug and prescription medication addiction, gambling addiction, depression and anxiety disorders, OCD, PTSD, and eating disorders, among others. But what sets their service apart is their holistic approach to treatment, where EHN believes that every patient deserves their own personalized journey to recovery to attain meaningful and lasting results. These are tailor-made treatment plans that are optimized to work for each and every patient’s unique situation and needs, and in their own time. EHN calls this open-ended treatment approach the continuum of care, which means they will continue to care for their patients for as long as it takes.

Patients undergoing treatment with EHN Canada also benefit from participating in therapeutic community sessions, a group composed of like minded individuals who share similar experiences with addiction and mental health who meet to discuss and support each other’s journeys. These sessions are currently available online. Treatment, as EHN says, cannot exist in a vacuum, so patients are given the opportunity to connect with people who can understand or relate to their problems. This helps patients to not feel isolated, and eventually re-integrate themselves into society. 

Among those supporting the patients undergoing treatment at one of their locations are the reliable staff consisting of physicians, psychiatrists, addiction counsellors, and nurses. EHN prides itself on staff members that are dedicated, driven, and passionate at what they do. A contributing factor to their success may be because many staff members employed by the health network are in recovery or are first-hand witnesses to the effects of mental illness and addiction. The service and interaction provided to patients by the staff is completely sensitive and mindful of each individual journey, with a distinct understanding of its difficulties and setbacks.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and mental health issues, don’t leave them to deal with it alone. Get them the help they need with professional addiction and mental health treatment from the premier network of mental health and addiction facilities across the country: EHN Canada.

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