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Bank of Lunar Purchase $1m Worth of Digital Assets



Bank of Lunar, one of the biggest and influential banks in Ireland becomes the latest financial institution to jump onboard a booming $2 Trillion cryptocurrency market. The bank’s chief executive, Marcel Homolka announced earlier today that they have purchased over $1M worth of digital assets which includes different cryptocurrencies and stocks.

With this new development, the bank of lunar has now joined thousands of banks around the world who are investing in the future and in what will become a new face of currency around the world.

“We are excited to have taken this great step towards ensuring that we are part of the future. The Bank of Lunar has great plans for the future and looking at how fast digital assets like cryptocurrencies are growing, we believe it holds great promise for the future and we want to be part of it. ” Marcel Homolka, CEO Bank of Lunar stated;

He also added “Many years ago, digital assets and digital currency investment were not as popular as it is today. The Economy today is in the middle of a technological revolution, there are plenty of opportunities for the banking and fintech sector to grow financial investing in digital assets and European banks like ours and other financial companies have invested and will keep investing into digital assets for the growth of both the company and the clients we serve.”

With the 2020 Covid-19 demise that hit the world and several companies including the banking sector, it has become more paramount for companies especially financial institutes to adopt the innovation in the financial world via embracing digital currency and digital assets with the benefits they bring.

Even before the pandemic, the advantages digital assets brought to the financial world were immeasurable and truth be told, with or without the pandemic, the benefits of this transformation are pretty hard to ignore.

Currently, the Bank of Lunar has a platform and technology that allows clients to trade and invest in cryptocurrency, stocks, and other digital assets.

Here is what you are offered at the Bank of Lunar

Aside from the traditional offerings banks provide like providing loans, saving and securing your money and investments, online banking services, loans, and fixed-term deposits. We also provide our clients with a platform that allows you to trade various digital assets with no commission or extra charges. So, with our award-winning technologies, you can trade:

·         Trade stocks and enjoy commission-free equities;

·         Leverage Options and gain access to hundreds of options specific education opportunities;

·         Trade Future Options seamlessly;

·         You can simplify and diversify your investments with the option to choose among 2,000 Mutual Funds;

·         Trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and more than 7+ currency pairings;

·         Get access to more than 2,000 commission-free* ETFs, plus the tools you need to explore your trading ideas;

Bank of Lunar as well as other prominent banks around Europe is also investing heavily in the area of crypto custody or services under which we provide platforms and state-of-the-art technology that would look after our client’s digital assets and also allow them to trade across different assets.

How Digital Assets Investment Benefits the Bank and Their Clients

Bank of Lunar is committed to serving our clients to ensure that they are financially beneficial in the long and short term. They do not just tell their clients to invest in digital assets; they are leading the way and have now purchased $1M worth of digital assets which includes stocks, futures, options, stocks, and others.

They believe the future holds great promises for cryptocurrency and other digital assets investors and because they want all their clients to become financially successful we persistently identify winning solutions to aid them.

Their investment in digital assets does not only bring revenue opportunities for them, it is also a way to ensure that their clients are profitable. Investors who have mixed portfolios of traditional and digital financial instruments will enjoy a cut-down cost for transaction fees.

Their clients are in complete control of their digital assets. They simply provide you with different investment options and digital assets to choose from, they also help and secure your investments against theft. However, you are in control and have full access to your assets at all times with no middle man or third party interference.

The Bank understands that digital assets investment opens doors to new services and opportunities to enhance existing services. So, they leverage the Blockchain to support clients with their tax and regulatory requirements; provide registrar services and compile analytical reports.

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