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BE WATER By Greene Concepts (INKW) Moves Fast on Amazon



Greene Concept (OTC PINK: INKW), a publicly-traded company specializing in the beverage and bottling business, found themselves attracted to Amazon’s eCommerce capabilities. Through its subsidiary company Mammoth Ventures Inc, Greene Concept aims to pursue a subscription-based delivery for their water and scientifically formulated beverages. Using this subscription-based delivery system, they aim to reach their consumer markets and homes directly by utilizing the available social media marketing partners. Owing to Amazon’s marketing success in the internet and social media space Greene Concepts is excited to take its brand to the next level. On January 29th of this year announced the launch of their BE WATER brand product line on Amazon. The launch was so successful, they sold all the inventory sent to the three various Amazon outlets by the afternoon of the same day.

In early 2020, when Covid-19 struck the world and reduced human-to-human interactions, it opened the way for eCommerce businesses to thrive. Businesses such as Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and even eBay that were well-positioned to take advantage of this dramatic shift in eCommerce have flourished during the pandemic.  Amazon, in particular, had all the right resources in the right place to take maximum advantage of the situation. Initial reports in 2017 ranked the company as one of the largest and most successful eCommerce companies in the USA, commanding over 44% of total sales. Now in 2021 that lead in eCommerce has grown even more dominant.

Greene Concepts in partnership with Amazon has been well-positioned to gain from the dramatic increase in eCommerce. While addressing employees and shareholders, the CEO of Greene Concepts Lenny Greene, expressed how happy the management team was with the overwhelming response and demand for the BE WATER brand. He further affirmed the company’s capacity to meet the market demand and diligently worked with amazon to restock the inventories as soon as possible. Elaborating on Greene Concepts’ desire to reach all the 300 million Amazon users, Mr. Greene guaranteed Americans that they would not find a high-quality water product other than the BE WATER brand. He announced that Greene Concepts are working tirelessly to offer the best water product in the market.

The world has shifted to online shopping and Greene Concepts’ timing in doubling down with eCommerce falls in lockstep with the needs of the market.  As more and more businesses are competing for online visibility to sell their brands, BE WATER is well-positioned to be an important player in the market. The successful launch on Amazon will allow them to quickly scale and gain market share in this competitive space.

While the shopping and marketing preferences of consumers are likely to shift quickly over the next few years as they adapt to new technologies and opportunities. This online presence in combination with Greene Concepts’ traditional distribution channels and expertise will ensure that the BE WATER will be available to consumers through various channels wherever they choose to shop in the years to come.

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