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Becoming The Next-Gen Prodigy in The World of Business is Mohd J Asfour.



He is well-known as the youngest Jordanian Millionaire for a reason; read on to know more.

A quick look around us will let us know things all around the world have been fast-changing, and major thanks goes to the many young talents of the world that has shown the real power and perseverance to take over their fields of interest. To listen to what the heart seeks and make pertinent efforts to go ahead in doing the ‘different’ has never been a walk in the park and still, some youngsters have gone ahead against the tides for sculpting an incredible career for themselves. Speaking about the many youngsters worldwide doing extremely well in the business world, it is imperative to at least discuss one success story that has simply astounded people with the kind of resilience the individual has shown in making it happen for himself in the business world. Mohd J Asfour’s name tops the list of the young and successful entrepreneurs who, in a very short span of time, have created the success they always desired.

His love for cars always made him dream about owning a business related to the same. Little did he know that one day he would become a millionaire entrepreneur doing exceptionally well with his luxurious car rental business. Mohd J Asfour, who hails from Jordan, now is a resident of the US and has become one of the most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs of the next-gen. He did his engineering in electrical power and energy from Princess Sumayah University for Technology (PSUT) in Amman, Jordan and after graduating in 2018, went ahead to work with Fawaz Al Hokair real estate company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as an electrical engineer. He got another opportunity to work with the company on a project of a building named “Al- Nakheel Mall”, moving to Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

In the latter part of 2019, Mohd J Asfour moved to the US to pursue his MBA studies and moved to Miami for starting his pet service on Instagram named ‘Woof Woof’. However, he still felt something was amiss and hence for his love for cars, went ahead in starting his company named LR Miami, which is all about exotic car rentals. Joining hands with brands like Kenzu streetwear and Bangenergy and doing advertising for his firm helped his company go viral.

“Every day has been a struggle, but what has helped me still carve my unique path is the fact that I always remember from where I come and from where I started everything. This keeps me motivated to stay on track and work harder each passing day.” He is also expecting his firm LR Miami to reach $1 million in net worth soon.

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