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Top Best Blogging Niches that Generates $1000 per click. Highest CPC Niches with keywords.

This is the best article for those who are searching for the best Blogging Niches to start their blogging carrier. this article contains the best Blogging Niches with CPC up to $1000.



blogging niches
This is the best article for those who are searching for the best Blogging Niches to start their blogging carrier. this article contains the best Blogging Niches with CPC up to $1000.

Here is the list of most Expensive Blogging Niches and keywords that will lead your blogging carrier high and Generates more revenue through only Google Adsense.


closeup photo of gavel

The legitimate business has probably the most elevated CPCs in this article, essentially because of the high measure of rivalry they’re facing and the higher ticket administration cost. For this industry, we saw catchphrases identifying with “legal counselor,” “lawyer,” “lawful administrations,” and a couple of other related watchwords. Here are the ones that bested the rundown:

Top CPC: $1090.00
Average CPC: $6.75



offshore accident lawyer $815.00

best motorcycle accident lawyer $770.00

18 wheeler accident lawyer san antonio $670.00

scranton personal injury lawyer $560.00

truck accident attorney dallas $515.00

houston trucking accident attorney $500.00

mesothelioma attorney assistance $490.00

new york construction accident lawyer $485.00

maritime lawyer new orleans $485.00

california auto accident laywer $475.00

auto accident attorney california $465.00

auto accident attorney colorado springs $460.00

car accident lawyer jacksonville $430.00

truck accident lawyer dallas $425.00


black and gray stethoscope

Top CPC: $90.00

Normal CPC: $2.62

What’s interested about this is that we focused on catchphrases around the topmost normal kinds of specialists, yet it was as yet critical consideration and detox programs that overwhelmed the greatest expenses per click.



hospital alcohol detox $65.00

dermatological problem $65.00

fort lauderdale hospital detox $65.00

transporter hospital $60.00

children’s hospital emergency room near me $60.00

kensington hospital detox $60.00

urgent care jasper tx $55.00

childrens oakland hospital $55.00

weight loss surgery dallas tx $55.00

urgent care snider plaza $50.00

dallas bariatric $45.00

endocrine weight loss $45.00

urgent care 77041 $45.00

urgent care electronic medical records $40.00

Marketing & Advertising

man reading magazine

Top CPC: $165.00

Normal CPC: $3.33

Promoting experts in this space probably realize publicizing stunts to help minimize expenses, however, this industry is additionally bound to place an incentive in Google Ads. That is the reason the normal CPC is generally sensible contrasted with these top CPC catchphrases:


call tracking marketing$125.00
marketing your law firm$120.00
seo and social media marketing services$115.00
affiliate marketing software free$110.00
law firm marketing los angeles$100.00
marketing automation for agencies$100.00
what does cpm stand for in advertising$95.00
3 p of marketing$95.00
marketing cloud software$90.00
ppc advertising management$80.00
marketing integration$80.00
email marketing automation software$80.00
what does ppc stand for in marketing$75.00
best marketing quotes$75.00

Business Software

silver iMac with keyboard and trackpad inside room

Top CPC: $95.00

Normal CPC: $3.80

For this classification, we would not like to incorporate “SAAS” since that would not be a catchphrase a shopper would use to discover their preferred product. All things being equal, we utilized total catchphrases around “business programming” to perceive what the most costly CPCs would be:

top 10 help desk software$95.00
help desk software for small business$90.00
small business call center software$85.00
accounting online program$70.00
best online accounting program$60.00
business performance management software$60.00
employee management software for small business$60.00
email marketing software for small business$55.00
best medical billing software for home based business$55.00
marketing automation software for small business$55.00
best crm software for small business$55.00
crm software for small business$55.00
best hr software for small business$50.00
small business marketing software$50.00

Real Estate

real estate letter blocks

Top CPC: $95.00

Normal CPC: $2.37

Inquisitively, regardless of pooling all catchphrases identified with “realtor” and “Real estate professional” alongside the other assistance based watchwords, it was the clear catchphrases utilizing “quick” or “with money” that appeared to dominate all others when it came to cost per click.

sell my house fast phoenix$70.00
sell my house fast austin$65.00
sell my house fast san diego$65.00
selling a house as is by owner$60.00
teacher home buying programs texas$60.00
sell my house fast orlando$60.00
quickly sell house$55.00
we buy houses fast for cash$55.00
will my house sell$55.00
sell house cash$55.00
buy house cash or mortgage$50.00
sell house fast for cash$50.00
buy my home for cash$50.00
worst month to sell a house$60.00

Home Improvement Services

woman sitting in front of table

Top CPC: $320.00

Normal CPC: $6.40

The home improvement industry is a huge one, however, we zeroed in basically on administrations, for example, HVAC, plumbing, and rebuilding and redesign. It appeared like cooling and water harm appeared to be the ones with the predominant CPC in this gathering:

emergency flood repair$265.00
flood restoration san diego$210.00
air conditioning repair weatherford tx$210.00
best ac repair phoenix$185.00
air conditioning repair boca raton$150.00
water damage restoration portland oregon$145.00
water damage restoration los angeles$145.00
air conditioning repair phoenix$140.00
air conditioning repair mesa az$135.00
air conditioning repair simi valley$125.00
air conditioning repair plano tx$120.00
water damage restoration mesa az$120.00
water damage restoration dallas$120.00
water damage restoration vancouver wa$115.00


two white cars with open hoods

Top CPC: $50.00

Normal CPC: $2.46

For this industry, we chose to pull catchphrases identifying with “auto fix,” “auto body,” and “scratch evacuation,” taking consideration to eliminate any protection or auto collision suit watchwords. You’ll see that lower ticket things, for example, oil changes and tire administrations are absent on this rundown. We can sensibly accept that sponsors in this class need to put their publicizing dollars toward higher ticket things:

paintless dent repair denver colorado$45.00
abs unlimited auto repair$45.00
paintless dent repair mn$40.00
denver auto hail repair$35.00
change oil light$35.00
automotive repair lubbock tx$30.00
auto repair shops stockton ca$30.00
paintless dent repair colorado springs$25.00
auto ac repair las vegas$25.00
auto repair shops omaha ne$25.00
auto repair shop mesa az$25.00
aftermarket automotive warranty$25.00
dent repair colorado springs$25.00
paintless dent repair denver$25.00


man, woman and child holding hands on seashore

Top CPC: $280.00

Normal CPC: $3.44

Vehicle protection totally ruled the protection business:

oklahoma auto insurance quotes$210.00
insurance companies okc$185.00
cheapest auto insurance reddit$170.00
insurance strategy$160.00
texas auto insurance quotes online$155.00
preferred auto insurance companies$150.00
what is insurance deductible$140.00
what is premiums in insurance$135.00
fort myers auto insurance$130.00
auto insurance connecticut$125.00
definition collision insurance$125.00
hail damage car insurance claim$120.00
car accident other driver has no insurance$120.00
define insurance brokers$120.00

Loans & Finance

green plant in clear glass cup

Top CPC: $320.00

Normal CPC: $3.44

In the money space, we gathered catchphrases identifying with banking, credit, obligation, advances, home loans, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The regular subject among the high-CPC catchphrases was obligation help or credit obtaining (VA advances being particularly mainstream):

va loan multi family$190.00
tax credit for college students$135.00
va loan after chapter 7$130.00
how to get preapproved for a va home loan$125.00
structured settlement loan$105.00
national guard va home loan$95.00
cost to refinance home loan$95.00
how long does a credit card balance transfer take$90.00
va home loan specialist$85.00
will refinancing hurt my credit$85.00
maximum fha loan amount$85.00
does opening a checking account affect credit$80.00
fha loan foreclosure waiting period$80.00
tax debt relief program$75.00


red apple fruit on four pyle books

Top CPC: $140.00

Normal CPC: $2.40

Unmistakably web-based learning overwhelmed the rundown of high-CPC catchphrases. This is likely because of more modest ticket instructive things, for example, affirmations, courses, and preparing not giving sufficiently high ROI to legitimize such significant expenses per click.

online accredited psychology degree$135.00
online degree in educational psychology$135.00
online business degree florida$135.00
online university college$125.00
online psychology bachelor’s degree$125.00
online college business degree$125.00
fastest criminal justice degree online$125.00
online masters degree in business administration$125.00
parapsychology degree online$125.00
online degree criminal justice$120.00
online school for business degree$120.00
online masters degree programs in healthcare administration$120.00
masters degree in human resources online$120.00
public administration masters degree online$115.00

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