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Best investment platforms and apps: Episode 1: Solomartel real estate funds



You want to invest your money but you don’t know where or how ? You don’t want to miss a return on your money in 2020 but you’re looking for a platform or application that will allow you to do so in a passive and simple way ?

In my career as a journalist, the question that has been asked me the most from our readers on the internet is “where to invest money ?” Many people do indeed want to invest their money but do not know how they can do so without putting much effort.

On which company can we rely? Which company can pay a good return? and so on…

It’s better to invest money rather than to keep it in a savings account. When you are ready to invest, you start searching the web to learn how to invest easily through the internet. In this series, we will explore the available options

There are enough apps and platforms to invest through the internet even with limited funds. You can invest in debt, dividend stocks, gold, prize bonds, and much more but one of the best investments is a property investment. It cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away.

Investing in real estate is much more powerful in long term than most other investments.

Investing in real estate

The first investment platform we will discover in the first article of this series is Solomartel.

For the real estate industry, the first name that comes to mind is “Solomartel.” It is currently the most significant investment firm of the industry, having satisfied investors around the globe.

In the past, investing in real estate was quite different. A property investor had few options to invest. Furthermore, if you didn’t have the exact amount of money to purchase a property, getting a loan was the main option to make an investment. Moreover, knowledge  of construction, law, taxes, and many other skills were required. The only alternative was to hire people competent in those fields which would lead to very high costs.

What is the solution?

Solomartel has created a solution to this problem. On Solomartel, a user can invest as soon as they register on the website. After joining, the user will access all the investments that Solomartel has available worldwide at that given moment. You can select the fund in which you want to invest, and invest.

The process of investment

Investment with Solomartel is organized in funds. Each piece of property or set of properties is/are placed in a fund  for investments through their website. The investment is done by the click of a button followed by a bank transfer or card payment of the investment amount.

Once the user’s investment has been made, the investor owns his stake in the fund alongside Solomartel and other investors.


Ownership paperwork over the assets within the funds is made very simple, fast and convenient like any other service on the internet that you’re used to. However, the company paperwork is only revealed to investors and can’t be shared openly on the internet due to privacy policy reasons and because of this I am unfortunately unable to show any actual documentation.

Closing/Completion of funds:

Once the investments have been raised on a particular fund, Solomartel closes the fund, and that particular fund starts operating its properties. The clients of Solomartel start receiving the returns according to the performance of that specific fund.

Be warned that each fund is different and the properties in one fund can be totally unrelated to properties in another and may share different business models.

After a few hours of researching the internet, the ownership of all Solomartel properties can be traced and proven. You will also find that they are operating multiple residential and commercial properties and complexes worldwide.

The Solomartel safety margin policy means the properties within a given fund can always be resold at a profit as they are bought below market value.

What you need to care about:

The only downside is that all their funds are different and run by different people in various places across the globe. It is important to carefully check each investment as one investment is different from the other. For example, investing in commercial properties in Cyprus is different from investing in residential properties in the United States of America.

This was the analysis for Solomartel. There will be more investment platforms to come so stay tuned for the next article.

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