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BioLight Featured in Forbes as a Top Health and Wellness Trend for 2020



BioLight, the preeminent red light therapy (RLT) panel company that works to provide premier RLT products and unparalleled education so everyone can receive the countless mental and physical health benefits of RLT technology, was recently named as a top health and wellness trend for 2020 by Forbes. 

Known for being the first company to compile research-based RLT treatment protocols and give people specific treatment parameters based on their health and wellness goals, BioLight has successfully made the numerous RLT benefits bespoke and customizable for all of their interested clients. By conducting dozens of studies that have uncovered different health issues that require a different amount of RLT exposure, BioLight is an industry-leading platform and educator that is changing the game forever today.

“The generalized belief across the industry is that 20 to 30 minutes per day is what is needed to realize the potential of RLT,” said Dr. Michael Belkowski, Founder and Owner of BioLight. “In reality, we know that each health condition requires a different treatment protocol duration, distance from the panels, lights, frequency of treatment, and so forth. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.”

A Broken Marketplace That Begs for Innovation

For far too long, the RLT marketplace has been saturated with products that are too expensive, don’t work, and fail to live up to top-quality standards. Consumers have virtually zero options for affordable RLT devices that can work for them. With just one piece of technology, claims the BioLight team, someone can change their life forever – especially during a time when people are getting sicker and sicker as a whole.

BioLight has been endorsed by anti-aging and longevity expert, Sandra Kaufmann, MD, who stated, “Personally, I have been using BioLight for several months to treat both my face and several sports injuries, and I can report fantastic results. I believe that BioLight therapy should be a mandatory adjunct to anyone’s longevity and health protocols.”

BioLight recently released its seminal RLT Treatment Protocol e-book that helps individuals optimize their RLT treatment sessions. By customizing the experience, each client will have a more effective and efficient RLT experience down the road.

“It’s our mission to provide everyone with the requisite RLT information and knowledge they need to know to be as healthy as possible,” said Dr. Belkowski. “Armed with this invaluable information, each individual can integrate RLT as a healthy lifestyle habit to optimize their health, wellness, and longevity. Spread the word today.”

Dr. Belkowski is known for his expertise in dry needling, cupping, blood flow restriction training, and RLT today. He wanted to fill the void in the RLT market and provide consumers with the sought-after combination of top-quality products that are also affordable. Working tirelessly with his engineering team to develop a line of RLT devices, Dr. Belkowski has committed his life’s work to making the RLT market accessible. He doesn’t believe something as beneficial and revolutionary as RLT should be kept from the masses. 

For more information, or to shop BioLight today, visit here

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