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Bob Mangat: Tapping Into Potential By Being an Entrepreneurial Genius



“Knowing where you are and where you want to go is part of the growth process. Knowing precisely how to get there is needed to sustain that growth.” – Bob Mangat

Opportunity is part of the mindset. While many are bound to the confinements they face with finances, job uncertainty, pandemic, etc. Bob Mangat tries to always look for what he can be doing vs. what he cannot.

Even amongst a pandemic, Bob was able to navigate through and not waiver on his business goals. He achieved exiting to a public company, with the invigoMEDIA group, which he built as a start-up just a short five years ago. He also continued to keep his head in the game, ear to the news, and researched the trends in order to make his next move.

“There is always an option if you truly look at what you want to do and where you want to go,” says Bob.

As a true visionary, Bob knew that the next step for him was in acquiring a portfolio of companies, specifically in E-Commerce and technological companies.

“Having built several companies from the ground up, and seeing thousands of other companies, working inside understanding the pitfalls and successes it was time for me to start to acquire and build up our own portfolio of companies,” says Bob.

His proven success with tactical growth processes speaks for itself.

With invigoMEDIA group, for example, Bob started the business from the ground up, with no credit, no loans, no funding. He worked consistently to provide marketing and growth solutions with a few clinics. He grew to managing multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, and within five short years, he was able to exit to a public company (which, if you ask most agencies is within only 1% of what small to medium-sized agencies ever get to realize). As a result of his persistent methods and consistent drive to achieve he became one of North America’s Elite Business growth experts. He has helped over 2000 businesses, many of them turning a profit 10-fold within the first year of working with him.

He, congruently, also built the SAAS based companies EverGenius, Honest Doctor, and 7-Figure Clinic, all of which turned a hefty profit within the first year.

Bob accredits his success to hard work, persistence and knowing his numbers. He was relentless to find a formula that worked to grow businesses, and repeated that several times over to create multi-millionaire assets. Contrary to many, he did this completely from scratch and built every company from the ground up, with zero funding and zero credit. As a matter of fact, he had at one time been near homeless, but decided he would not ever live that life again. As such he set a goal to always over achieve, so that he would never hit rock bottom. Bob relied on his vision, his work ethic, but also consistently following up on market trends and what works and what does not.

Doing so, allowed Bob to build a reputation as a serial and tactical “automated entrepreneur.” One that gets up every day, has a sound process in place, but also not afraid to push boundaries in terms of ideas and innovation. Bob spends time researching what the projected market is for every industry he pursues.

This is what has landed him to be one of the very few entrepreneurs to achieve accolades such as a two-time “Two comma club” winner.

Bob states, “to me, it’s about the game, never about the money. I enjoy playing it…every day.”

He goes on to say that if you are not truly enjoying what you are doing, if you are not waking up wanting to know your numbers and staying on top of your field, that nothing can make up for that drive that is needed to succeed.

Bob Mangat lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife and two children. He is an avid soccer player, snowboarder, mountain biker, jet setter, and overall vows to live life with no regrets.

To learn more about Bob Mangat visit or follow him on Instagram and LinkedIn

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