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Bodied by Bella Takes Weight Loss Connoisseurs By Storm



Bella Nicole Proto, Founder Of Bodied By Bella Is Disrupting The Women Fitness Industry Through Natural Organic Innovation.

What do you think when you hear the term ‘Weight Loss’? Do you picture yourself slogging against a gym equipment, or hours of starvation, or measuring your weight every day! Well, if you are, there is something Bodied By Bella has especially for you.

Bodied by Bella Boutique is a boutique with a lifestyle approach to consistent efforts as a key with permanent results. It is a one-stop solution for women who wish to have a desirable body that can help them take over their world. Be it a personal or professional goals; women can now achieve their desired goals based on the options Bodied By Bella provides.

Idea Behind Bodied By Bella

Bella Nicole Proto, Owner & Creator of Bodied By Bella was a research student at USF, who managed to create her line of products designed especially for women. In her younger days, Bella couldn’t agree with the thought that women had to endure such pain and suffering to achieve the body one desires. “Why suffer so much when you can achieve the results naturally?”, Bella would often exclaim. This was the motivation and inspiration behind the creation of Bodied By Bella.


Bella wanted to curate and provide an ambience to women who wanted a safe option to achieve the shape and size of the body a woman desires and deserves to feel confident. This is the point of revolution when women have to choose safe and painless methods of enhancements over those painful artificial surgeries that can cost them their peace of mind, their whole life. Be it enhancements, weight loss packages, or the best women-only collection, Bodied By Bella provides it all.

Reason Behind Bodied By Bella’s Successful Growth

When women are slowly and gradually turning to organic solutions of weight-loss, they expect real results. Half the companies in the market don’t stand up to their expectations and over-promise the results. However, Bodied By Bella Boutique stands tall in its working with 100% real results. Everything used in the products are reliable, natural, organic, and with viewable results! Bodied By Bella’s team has managed to help & satisfy over 1000+ women with their aspirations and desires in the most organic and painless methods of sizing up.

Specialized & Customized Based On Your Body

Bodied by Bella Boutique started on Instagram and vendor pop up shops. The products became so successful in their stores because of the effects of organic ingredients and the growth of fat cells in the formulated areas, be it breasts or buttocks.

Be it creams, or weight loss packages, it is #1 selling All Natural Enhancement products on the market! Bella confesses, “Being a business owner and taking up the entrepreneurial journey has been so life-changing. I wish to make good lifestyle changes in the lives of more women and empower them to do their best. To provide natural safe options to achieve the body and self-confidence every woman desires and deserves. I feel a sense of belonging and responsibility towards my customers while I bring new products or make changes in my company. Gratitude to everyone who has been supporting me and has unleashed the best efforts of Bodied By Bella.”

Bodied By Bella sets itself apart from its peers and competitors in the market through its client base, their real results which are possible only through the Organic Ingredients which you can trust & use. If you aspire to look your absolute best, Bodied By Bella is here.

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