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Botter Boy Nova Shows How he Makes Money by Selling Sneakers From Home.



Botter Boy Nova is a Youtuber that showcases his sneaker reselling operations on Youtube. Oftentimes, highly coveted sneakers sell out within seconds due to bots and extremely high demand. Nova shows us how he manages to get his hands on these shoes that are seemingly impossible to buy for the ordinary shopper due to insanely fast sellout times. He then resells these limited sneakers for sometimes hundreds of dollars above the MSRP- all from the comfort of his home. He unveils how he does all of this in his web series on Youtube called “Sneakers To Riches”.

Creating a Name

When I started my sneaker reselling series “Sneakers To Riches”, the show quickly gained traction in the reselling and botting community. A lot of highly respected people in the industry shared my videos and this is ultimately how my brand started to flourish. Furthermore, my target audience was not actually resellers, but instead it was the mainstream sneakerheads to help them understand the botting process- so I made sure to make my content easy to understand despite the fact that botting is quite complicated.

Obstacles Overcame

When I started the web series, I was still working a full time job. However, the standard that I set for my Youtube videos were extremely high in terms of production quality which means I spent about 7-12 hours editing during the weekdays after my 9-5 job and 12-14 hours during the weekends and holidays. Combine that with a very sudden increase in online popularity, both my mental and physical health was rapidly declining. My brain kept telling me that I had to work harder, but my body was telling me that I needed to stop.

I decided to take a big risk and quit my job so that I can fully focus on content creation. After this, I was able to get somewhat more sleep, and my physical health started to slowly improve. I thought that quitting my job would have solved a lot of my issues, but a new obstacle presented itself especially since I was still a new youtuber at the time. Providing for both myself and my fiance, now depends on my ability to both monetize and grow my Youtube channel.

Being Different

I have an extensive background in business management and digital marketing both through experience and formal education. I wouldn’t say this has been particularly helpful in my reselling operations, but it is extremely valuable when it comes to monetizing and growing my content as well as helping companies that are partnered with my brand. A lot of the company owners that I work with are extremely bright, talented, and successful but some of them can sometimes overlook the true customer experience, which is especially important for complex topics such as botting.

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