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Brand Designer Carol Hampshire Talks Creating Soul-Aligned Brands for Successful Entrepreneurs



The world of entrepreneurship and digital business has boomed over the past decade, with many ambitious entrepreneurs and brands learning how best they could harness the power of the internet and find success. As a result, it feels like the digital landscape has become clogged with personal brands and startups yelling over each other, begging to be noticed. People’s time is limited and it’s easy to wear someone down when they’re being bombarded with ads and DM’s from soulless, amateur brands who have rushed to compile an online profile for their business. With so much noise on our feeds, it can be hard to find the attention and recognition your business, product or service needs. With strong, cohesive brand design, you’re able to  communicate effectively with your audience and stand out from the crowd. We spoke to experienced Business Mentor and Brand Designer Carol Hampshire on the impact of branding on the performance of your project.

Carol has 25 years of experience in brand design, working with entrepreneurs and businesses from startups to 7-figure earners. Carol specializes in enabling her clients to cut through the fat and have their online presence be felt with intentional brand design that authentically represents her client’s personality. She does this through effective branding strategy, website and sales page design, crafting a unique, personalized brand image clients can be proud to present online. “I believe that having an intentionally designed brand creates a quantum leap in growing a business rapidly, magnetizing ideal customers, selling out offers and standing out as a leader online!” Carol cheerfully responded when we asked her how her services help her clients generate value.

It’s easy to approach a designer with a bunch of bullet points and tell them to translate it, but I find it far more fruitful to really understand my client, their purpose and their audience.” explained Carol. She leverages the skills she’s developed as a developmental coach to dive deep and analyze her client’s vision. This helps Carol to translate their vision into intuitive design that portrays their value.

Carol understands that people want something to relate to, and if your design language can express your character accurately, your audience will be easier to connect with. “I’d like people to see branding as an extension of themselves. The more you can align with who you are at the moment, the more it’s going to manifest the right situations.” Carol explained. “But don’t think you need to stick with it for the rest of your career. You might get sick of those colours in a year’s time, but it’s okay for your brand to evolve with you. The whole thing about branding is to just keep it light. The more natural you are, the more likely you are to attract soul-aligned clients.”

Carol has spent years helping entrepreneurs to launch their brands with intention and focus. Her methods have her design brands from the inside out, and her brand designs have helped her clients to authentically connect with their audiences and reach 7 figure returns. If you’d like your brand to stand apart, connect with Carol Hampshire through her Instagram or her website and create the soul-aligned branding that does the selling for you.

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