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Brandon Middleton is Showing Families How They Can Obtain Generational Wealth Through Real Estate



More individuals, couples, and families than ever before are working 40+ hour weeks, only to find there’s no financial independence or wiggle room with their income. The pace of inflation is making it hard for two corporate jobs to support a family, let alone one, and find many households living paycheck to paycheck or having to downsize to compete with societies financial demands. It’s this kind of income gap that has more and more people searching for alternative income & investment opportunities that can create freedom and independence for their families. 

New Generational Wealth Sources

As more individuals come forward looking for ways in which they can get ahead of their bills and leverage investment opportunities, Brandon Middleton has become passionate about sharing what he knows works for his family and others through real estate investing. Leveraging the power of real estate has helped many families with the ability to break through their generational wealth restraints, and create a more stable and sustainable future.

“So many people are living for the here and now with their finances, barely making it paycheck to paycheck. This makes them feel like they are trapped in their jobs that just barely cover what they need for their families,” said Middleton. “They should be able to live beyond what they are currently earning, so they can invest in their futures, and their children’s futures.”

Middleton manages USA Portfolio, Real Estate, a real estate investment firm that creates new opportunities for families and individuals ready to educate themselves on more income opportunities through real estate investing. Working with everyone from those who want to build passive income without much involvement, to those who want to take an active role and learn how to do it all on their own, Brandon Middleton and his team offer a variety of support services that can make it a reality.

In-Person Mentoring and Camaraderie

Also proactive in meeting more like-minded individuals in the community, Brandon Middleton presently hosts events at their Tampa, FL office, so individuals can come in and get to know other people on their financial freedom journey. The events present the opportunity to network with individuals looking to invest in their futures.

“We believe that two is better than one and no virtual meeting can replace good ‘ol fashioned face-to-face networking, which is why we encourage individuals to come to our events so they can get to know other individuals and couples intent on doing the same thing for their futures,” said Middleton. “We are all on the quest for financial freedom together, and nothing is more beautiful than that.”

Middleton considers his network of investors to be his ‘second family’ who share the same passions he has in guiding and encouraging families to build a financial wall around their family, nothing can get through. Having endured countless struggles, unfulfilling jobs, and loss along his journey, Middleton knows what it feels like to be trapped at a job that prevents individuals from being with those that matter the most. He wants everyone to know they never have to feel trapped to a job, ever again. It all starts with the decision to learn more about real estate and investing. 

For more information, or to discuss goals and requirements with the real estate investment team, visit:

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