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Brands Are Generating Revenue With Expandify’s 90 Day Traffic & Profit System



Expandify Helps Brands Generate Ridiculous Online Sales and R.O.I using Top Class Advertising In Their 90 Day Revenue Generating System

Expandify Uses Social Media To Generate Sales

Online ads lead to revenue, it’s as simple as that. Social media allows businesses to let everyone online know what they have to offer and the value they can provide to the market. Potential clients who use social media on a regular basis will have a hard time engaging with your business if they can’t find you online. By creating, maintaining, and properly strategizing a social media campaign, you can increase revenue by informing your target audience about your business and what value you offer. Expandify brings this aspect of business to life using social media advertising as their vehicle to help clients reach their audience and build the needed trust to drive sales.

Expandify Marketing Inc. is a Montreal based Social Media Agency that helps brands and especially E-commerce businesses generate consistent online sales with higher R.O.I using their top class advertising systems. Nicolas Buffone (CEO, President) and Jonathan Durante (COO, Vice-President & Treasurer) of Expandify are childhood best friends who have achieved many reputable partnerships and have gained an impressive client base over their last 5 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

90 Day Traffic & Profit System

Expandify brings in new revolutionary marketing strategies and programs customized for clients to expand their global footprint and have successfully made long-lasting business relationships with them to continue scaling their businesses online. The 90-day Traffic & Profit System program is Expandify’s latest flagship service. Over these 90 days, they understand your business requirements, goals, budgets, and needs. The marketing strategies are then customized and tailored to your brand. Transformation begins with their advertising efforts, understanding your targeting audience, and all the steps in the system are proven to work for many businesses before. In 90% of the cases, all they need is photos from your end and their in-house copywriting, graphic design and media buying experts take it from there. From onboarding to working in conjunction with their ad specialist team for constructing campaigns, Expandify makes sure that the right targeted audience set receives the right message from the client’s end and all strategies are optimized for the highest conversion. The 90-day program is a fixed 3-month agreement after which it keeps rolling month by month.

Providing elite digital marketing solutions to drive R.O.I using their latest advertising system makes Expandify Marketing Inc. stand out of the crowd among its competitors. In a giant world full of digital space, social media is not just a social tool, but also a business generating tool. It has the power to build a business or the power to destroy a business. Connect with Expandify’s finest marketing experts to make the best of social media advertising in your growing business.

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