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Breaking Through the Fitness Industry: How Swimwear Model, Allegra Paris, Landed Her First Magazine Debut



Hard work always pays off, and no one is more of a testament to that than fitness model and personal trainer, Allegra Paris. As a NASM-certified, virtual trainer, known for making custom-tailored fitness and meal plans that work with clients in the ‘new normal’ following COVID-19, Allegra has become a master at reinventing herself when it matters the most.

This month, that kind of hard work paid off, big time. As COVID-19 barreled down on the world in March 2020, Allegra feared that the fitness industry and its reliance on gyms and fitness classes would come to a screeching halt. In a way, the industry paused for a few weeks. But, this kind of change inspired Allegra to bring the fitness to her clients, right inside their living rooms.

By creating plans that factored in limited at-home fitness gear and what was in the refrigerator at the time, Allegra began to make fitness a personalized experience that everyone could obtain for themselves – even during the worst of times. This kind of innovation won Allegra fans on Instagram and TikTok, where her community of over 100,000 followers looks forward to her fast-fitness tips and suggestions for eating healthy, even in typically unhealthy settings: airports, traveling, etc.

Hard Work Always Pays Off

The momentum began to build. With no days off, Allegra began to dive deeper into her fitness and health brand that also garnered her attention from big-time labels and companies. With products on the shelves in stores like Dicks and Walgreens, other businesses took note and began to approach the fitness influencer with proposals and propositions.

But, the most life-changing career moment loomed on the horizon for Allegra, falling onto her lap in April 2021. Selected to be part of the Metropolitan Magazine’s first-ever Palm Beach Edition for April 2021, Allegra’s swimwear modeling photos found themselves on the first few pages of one of the most recognized and respected high-end fashion and luxury magazines in the world. Featuring the work of celebrated photographer, Justin Bellucci, with Allegra modeling brands such as Andi Bagus, Becca Swim, and OneOne Swimwear, this committed fitness fiend finally had her big break.

Always wanting to bring her work into the pages of a real, physical magazine, Allegra proclaimed that this kind of coverage has been life-changing for her. As a little girl, dreaming up clothing designs, drawing fashion models in her sketchbook, and picking up any swimwear magazine she could find, Allegra had finally conquered a dream she considered to be ‘far-off’ for so many years of her life.

Allegra Paris modeling swimwear in Florida.

3 Reasons Why Success Found Allegra

This kind of success is not by accident or happenstance. It is by design, following the consistent social media posting, marketing strategies, and quality time Allegra puts into helping each and every one of her clients. When asked how she made it happen, Allegra attributed her first-ever magazine debut to three principles that she swears by:

  • Putting the client first. Allegra accredits her hard work to the fulfillment she receives by going above and beyond for her clients. She believes that helping others is what elevates her brand with the most energy.
  • Checking in every single day. For Allegra, there are no days off, and she knows that’s important right now while she builds up her business. But, since she is doing what she loves for a living, she said this kind of pace is sustainable for her. She doesn’t see it as work.
  • Dare to dream big. Understanding that women aren’t always taught to dream as big as men, Allegra dared to dream up a magazine spread all those years ago. Her thoughts became reality, and she wants women everywhere to know they can do it, too.

Passionate about helping sustainable and luxury brands that are looking to break into the world of social media, Allegra also lends her talents to other businesses that fall in-line with her brand. She believes her fitness influencer brand and personal training platform can lay the foundation for a much bigger empire down the road.

To view the Metropolitan Magazine’s first-ever Palm Beach edition, visit:

For more information about Allegra Paris, visit:

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