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Briana Wilson of NYLA Influencers and Bizfluence is the Influencer Boss Changing the Lives of Content Creators



The power of social media continues to amaze and astound thought leaders and business experts, and every day there is a new success story emerging of an ambitious entrepreneur who used social media to grow influence and achieve their dreams. 

What if that was you? 

You could turn your passions for sharing your knowledge, connecting with likeminded people, and collaborating with brands and other content creators into a profitable and fulfilling business! Or perhaps you already have, and have landed your first few brand partnerships, but you are struggling to scale successfully and push beyond that four figure monthly income ceiling.

You don’t have to get burnt out swiping through filters and using the same hashtags chasing that #ad, when you can lean on an influencer industry expert to guide you through your challenges, and propel you towards the life of financial freedom and abundance you’ve dreamed of. This is exactly what Influencer Manager and industry mentor Briana Wilson does for established creators and new content creators every day!

Briana is an NYC based entrepreneur with 7 years of experience in the influencer industry. She runs the influencer-centered businesses: NYLA Influencers and Bizfluence. She works with content creators of all levels and empowers them to realize their visions of success.

Briana spent years grinding away in various corporate 9 to 5 roles specializing in influencer marketing, tricking herself into thinking she was pursuing her dreams, while her corporate jobs drained her time and energy. After transitioning into an established talent agency and believing that this was the role that she needed to grow her future, Briana lost her job and was cut free, plunging into a world of uncertainty. This moment ended up being what Briana needed, and was the catalyst for her to reignite her fire and realize, “what’s stopping me from doing this myself?”

In 2018, Briana launched NYLA Influencers and doubled her income in her first year in business. Through NYLA, she has secured over $2 million in brand deals for her influencer clients and went on to create Bizfluence. Briana built her businesses to live her own dream and helps her clients reach new heights in their businesses. Through Briana’s mentorship, she teaches content creators how to market their passions and evolve them into thriving influencers, so they too, can live out their dream.

NYLA Influencers was created to answer the growing problem Briana saw within her industry. She saw BIPOC creators being undervalued for their work over and over again, making less than other comparable influencers in the industry. NYLA is filling the gap by shining a light on undervalued content creators and pushing talented influencers forward into new heights. With impactful content strategy, one-on-one support, and negotiating their value, NYLA Influencers helps BIPOC creators realize their true value and strategize their content and business growth successfully. No more getting bullied by big businesses with four figure returns… NYLA puts the power back into the hands of driven content creators and helps them realize the six or seven figure yearly earnings that they deserve!

After witnessing the success of NYLA Influencers, Briana was overwhelmed by DM’s from micro-influencers trying to learn how to go full time and land their dream partnerships. Bizfluence was created in response to that demand, paving a pathway to growth and success for nano and micro-influencers. 

Bizfluence is Briana’s personal creator community and course where she shares resources and lessons to skyrocket their earning potential while also creating key contacts with like-minded content creators. Briana utilizes her experience and expert network to share her industry knowledge and empower growing influencers with industry panels and interviews, strategy lessons, and more.

Briana is constantly on the lookout for future-oriented, idealistic content creators that have a clear vision for their business and want MORE. If this sounds like you, connect with Briana Wilson through her website. Check out how she can support you here to find out which pathway is suited to you, and let Briana offer her knowledge and resources to help you make your creative passion a reality!

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