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Bring Your Kids Drawings to Life with Drawnies



There is perhaps nothing as pure and memorable as children’s art, especially when it’s made just for you. Children’s art is unique and unlike the art we see in museums: it depicts the world with such clarity and purity, without all of the anxieties and depressions that can fill our minds as we get older. Art is so personal and specific to each person, which is why the art of a child is something that can’t be found or replicated anywhere else in the world.

Creating Uniqueness

It was this very uniqueness that inspired one team of artists, aunts, uncles, and parents to come up with a solution that immortalized children’s art forever. It’s one thing to receive a drawing on a piece of paper that will fade, tear, or get lost over-time. It’s a totally other thing to have that artwork immortalized and turned into jewelry that can be taken with you, wherever you go.

As the Drawnies team stated: why shouldn’t we be able to take children’s artwork with us, every single day?

Turn Memories Into Physical Products

Drawnies is a children’s artwork-based jewelry platform that allows buyers to submit their kid’s artwork and have it turned into key rings and necklaces. The finished result is a piece of jewelry that embodies and immortalizes some of the most important artistic expression to each and every one of us. Best of all, the artwork can’t be torn, scratch, or saturated with water: it can be worn on your person, packed up, and taken with you throughout the duration of your life.

Inspired to take their nephews’ artwork on-the-go each time it was completed and gifted, Michael Volkmann, founder of Drawnies, knew there had to be a better way.

“I would look at this pure and expressive art and think to myself: how can I bring this artwork with me throughout the day? I would get sad at the thought of merely leaving it back in my room,” said Michael. “That’s when I had the idea of Drawnies. Now, I can take my nephews’ art with me everywhere I go, and proudly show it off to the other people in my life.”

Instant Reception and Success

Opening Drawnies in early May 2020, the brand was met with instant success as parents from around the world poured in to immortalize their children’s artwork. Uniquely bringing wonderful memories to life in a functional product that can be worn and brought along for a slew of adventures, Drawnies became an international sensation.

Today, the brand has a 99% customer satisfaction, 99% recommendation, and a community of more than 70,000 mothers who have already immortalized their children’s drawings in the Drawnies shop.

“We actually experienced such massive demand that we had to go offline for a few weeks to setup our production for mass orders,” said Michael. “It was an amazing problem we never anticipated, but were so happy to have experienced. We want all of our customers to know we are 100% committed to the customer service experience, and will work hard to get them their immortalized jewelry pieces, immediately.”

Michael wants relatives everywhere to consider the power of a Drawnies jewelry piece.

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