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Building Confidence in Front of the Camera with Kelly Petering



When it comes to confidence, whether you’re looking to be more comfortable in video format, in pictures, or in life, it can be a struggle for many women. We’re often self-critical thinking we’ll be judged or rejected and our message won’t be heard.

Today, female entrepreneurs are relying on video messaging more and more, as its reach is continually on the rise. When you’re in business, it can be difficult to convey your message in a photograph or in a blog post, in the same way, that you can in a video. With video, people see your face and hear your tone, which helps build connections and trust. And when you have an important message to get out, it simply makes sense to reach as many people as possible in your chosen audience. With video and the popularity of social media, it’s now easier than ever.

But, what if you struggle with confidence in front of the camera? How do you get past that? Voiceover artist, public speaker, and business coach Kelly Petering had to overcome this very same struggle. After years of studying acting, human behavior, and the psychology behind it, she was able to build her own confidence and finally feels authentic and better able to connect with her audience.

Thanks to her years of training and working on both her inner and outer methods, she’s found a system that she hopes to share with you, so you too can be confident in front of the camera. Her purpose is to help as many female entrepreneurs find their voice so they can go on to be stronger leaders. Your message is important and needs to be heard. Kelly can help you get it out there.

Another woman who is helping women with their confidence is Taylor Rae. She focuses on body health and wellness. When it comes to getting yourself out there, Kelly is focused on helping her clients find the success they’re seeking by building their confidence to speak clearly, effectively, and be comfortable on camera.

If you’re a female entrepreneur and ready to take your confidence in front of the camera to the next level, Kelly Petering is ready to help. You can find more information at her website ( along with her Facebook group, “Speak with Confidence” (for Women in Business).

With the ability to get your message out to your audience, what will you say? Build better relationships and connections, today, with authenticity and trust.

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