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Building Your Own Business: How Tracy Lynn Went From Part-Time to Six-Figure Superstar



If you had told Tracy Lynn three years ago that she’d eventually be a six-figure entrepreneur and business coach, she might have laughed at you. The prominent business manager was once just a small photographer, running her photography agency and working with a small group of boudoir clients from her studio in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Though her passion was photography, she was starting to feel worn out by the daily tasks and had streamlined her business so that her only role was photographing and marketing. She knew she needed to do something more, but wasn’t sure how to get there.

Her boredom inspired the greatest decision of her life: to open up her business coaching system. Tracy knew early on that business and marketing were her favorite parts of being an entrepreneur; she loves figuring out the puzzle of creating efficient, profitable, and manageable businesses that can grow uninterrupted and developed without needing constant and exhaustive attention from their leaders. 

This inspired the formation of Tracy Lynn Coaching and what she now calls her Dream Biz framework; the management and foundation that helps new business owners grow their vision from shaky to solid and sustainable. Her framework walks each business owner through an ordered series of steps designed to establish them as a powerful force in their industry.

Tracy Lynn

Today, Tracy helps her clients plan their dream lifestyle and business just like she did her own three years ago. She’s developed a winning Dream Biz Academy to help guide clients through the Dream Biz Framework, and alongside her developed resources, she offers targeted coaching and meeting skills. Her ultimate goal is to give every client their business plan, a trackable budget, a proven marketing plan, and a plan to automate their own business so you can do the things you love and put money in your pocket at the same time.

Tracy’s goal is to bring targeted, massive results to her selective and supportive clientele. She prides herself on developing personal relationships and one-on-one time with every single one of her clients, offering personal and professional results that are uniquely tailored to her clients’ businesses and personalities. By building an exclusive group of business owners that fit with Tracy’s core business goals and support her sustainable growth practices, Tracy is developing a tightly knit group of business professionals that can support each other in their professional growths. 

Tracy Lynn Coaching brings out the best in each business and entrepreneur. Tracy is proud to say that her business models the values she holds dear in her personal life too; honesty, efficiency, transparency, and passion. With Tracy Lynn Coaching, your business and personal life will reach unlimited success and turn potential into promises with powerful results. It’s exactly the kind of business Tracy Lynn has always wanted, and with her help, it’s the kind of business yours can be too.

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