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Canada’s Developer 30 Under 30: A Rising Leader in Emerging Technology Will Zhang



When talking about emerging technologies, people will always associate it with Silicon Valley, which is known as the mecca of high technology and innovation. This region in Northern California will immediately pop up in people’s minds when they hear about new technologies or continuing development of existing technologies. It is the global center of the industry and the birthplace of many startup businesses that have altered, disrupted, and changed the technological landscape around the world.

Silicon Valley might be the current mecca of technological innovations. But, Canada, a nation just above the United States, is quickly catching up and turning into a center for startups in the technology industry that could contend with Silicon Valley. The growing talent pool and access to business capital provide the right ingredients for technological entrepreneurs to thrive. Fintelics, an emerging technology company founded by Will Zhang, is making headway in the technology industry. Although entirely new in the industry, having started just three years ago, it is already making a name in the industry and one of the high-tech companies to watch out for in the upcoming years.

“We are an advanced technology consulting and solution development company that specializes in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, data engineering, cloud computing, full stack development, and omnichannel software,” Zhang, founder of the Ontario-based tech company, said.

Humble Beginnings

Zhang is an inquisitive and brilliant young man who is passionate about finding solutions for technological problems by fusing new technology with existing solutions. One of his colleagues described him as a problem solver and added, “he focuses on the technical problem and tries to synthesize information and knowledge to achieve a solution by harnessing new technology to enhance the existing solution.”

He started his journey through technology when he entered the University of Toronto, which is considered the best engineering school in Canada. And he took Engineering Science, one of the most selective and advanced engineering programs around the world – Engineering Science. “It was an academically demanding program in a highly dynamic school environment. It taught me strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills. While taking up the program, it convinced me that this is something that I want to do for a living. And I realized that I had found the career path that I want to traverse in life,” he recounted in an enthusiastic tone of voice.

After graduating from college, he got the opportunity to work as a developer in the technology behemoth IBM. “Working in IBM was a dream come true. When I was studying, I aspired to work in IBM. It’s my dream company. I got the chance to work in one of the giants of the industry,” he remarked. He shared that he learned a lot of essential things about the tech industry during his short stint in the company. However, he noted that as the days went by, his great affection for the company faded away. “It used to be my dream company, but as time went by, I realized that the work setup was akin to a bureaucratic environment, and the process is moving at a slow pace. I saw that this could hamper my growth as an individual. I want to learn more. So, I decided to leave the company,” he narrated.

Driven by his thirst for knowledge, Zhang briefly worked for a startup as a Chief Technology Officer. He shared that he wanted to gain more experience, so he positioned himself in a startup environment. “Once the product hit the production, and eventually launched, the development also stopped. It became the downside of the business. I felt that I’m not challenging myself enough. I’m happier doing the development process. I love the adrenaline rush brought by tasks or problems that stimulate my problem-solving capabilities,” he further pointed out.

Started A Tech Business

He remarked that he enjoyed the process of continuous learning and improving existing products and solutions using emerging technology. He also loved to create new products and enhance new solutions with new technology and industry best practices. His passion for finding solutions became the inspiration to establish his own business. So, in 2017, he made the momentous decision to establish Fintelics. It was a turning point in his life that would lead him to the most excellent adventure of his life. The company provides cutting edge technology on artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing omnichannel, and big data solutions that are suited to the distinct needs of their clients.

“We can process a large quantity of data in a reliable and scalable fashion. We can automate many processes using predictive and descriptive analytics. We offer better reporting, better insights on how to run their business from the operation and financial standpoint. Likewise, we can forecast what will likely happen to the business in the future based on historical data, which can help mitigate risks and maximize their revenues,” the 26-year-old tech entrepreneur explained.

He continued that the company brings cutting edge technology and industry best practices in product development, operation strategy, and data analytics strategy that have long-term benefits for the clients.

Up-and-Coming Leader In Emerging Technology

Zhang and his company are new players in the tech industry, but they are already making waves in the industry that are too difficult to ignore. They are fast becoming a formidable leader in the industry. In just a span of two years, Zhang became a recipient of the prestigious Canadian tech award Developer 30 under 30. The award is an initiative created by Havas-owned agency Plastic Mobile that aims to recognize young and talented developers behind Canada’s innovation economy. “It was an honor to receive recognition as one of the best and the brightest young developers in the country who are leading the way for the future of innovation and technology in Canada,” he noted. Aside from the award, Zhang also earned the Solutions Architect Professional certification from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a recognition of his expertise in building and integrating information and computer systems to meet the specific needs of clients.

 Likewise, Fintelics received recognition from the renowned Wealth & Finance FinTech Awards. Fintech companies and startups that have created outstanding digital innovations and technology-enabled business models received the awards. In 2019, Fintelics was named “Best Custom FinTech Solutions Consultancy – Ontario and “Leading Expert in Fullstack Omnichannel Software Development” to acknowledge the company’s outstanding contributions and innovations to the advancement of technology.

Zhang said that as far as awards and certifications are concerned, earning a spot in the AWS Partner Network (APN) has helped boost their reputation in the tech industry. He added that APN is the global partner program for technology and consulting businesses who leverage Amazon Web Services to build solutions and services for customers. According to Amazon, over 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies use APN Partner solutions and services to drive their business outcomes.

Fintelics recently became an APN Advanced Tier Consulting Partner. APN Consulting Partners are professional services firms that help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS, accelerating their journey to the cloud. “Becoming an Amazon consulting partner in a short period of time definitely speaks a lot to our credentials as a tech company and helps establish our credibility in the industry. The APN badge clearly indicates that we are subject matter expertise in emerging technology,” he continued.

In A Nutshell

It’s a remarkable feat that a relatively new company and its young founder already earned the badge of recognition early on in its history. The future looks bright for this startup company from Ontario, which is pioneering a decentralized future using blockchain and cloud computing. But, like other success stories of entrepreneurs, it all started by pursuing one’s passion. In the case of Zhang, he has a desire to solve problems using emerging technology and to develop the best solution.

For businesses who want to learn more about the services of Fintelics, please check their website at, and follow them on Twitter at @Fintelics1, on Facebook at

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