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Candy Valentino is the Business Powerhouse That’s Gone Viral Sharing Her Business Knowledge



When we look at successful and great people, you can see that one of the key factors for that individual’s growth was their phase of apprenticeship. Even in the old stories of heroes, the main character would seek mentorship from someone wise to help guide them down the right path. Mentorship is an essential factor for the growth and development of the skills necessary to excel in a field, but due to modern marketing techniques, we are bombarded by all sorts of coaches peddling courses and products that might not have the proper foundation of wisdom behind them.

Especially when it comes to running a business. If you’re looking to learn and grow as an entrepreneur, would you rather learn from someone who has made a career building, growing and selling businesses, or someone whose career is selling courses on building businesses? Serial entrepreneur and business growth expert Candy Valentino has noticed this trend of course developers and internet coaches, and is breaking through the facade delivering essential business development knowledge to business owners and entrepreneurs globally through her platform;  FOUNDERS Organization.

Candy has over 23 years experience living as an entrepreneur, business owner and CEO with no formal training beyond a high school degree, a keen sense for identifying opportunity and an unrivalled work ethic. Through her determination and perseverance, Candy has created, built, scaled and sold successful businesses across a range of industries; including service, e-commerce and product manufacturing. Candy started a non-profit that she has been involved with for nearly 15 years that has saved thousands of lives, and she has personally raised millions of dollars for the organization. While juggling all of these balls, Candy has also been developing her own real-estate portfolio that turned from a hobby of flipping houses into a powerful tool for wealth generation over the last two decades.

Candy works with clients that range from small business owners to 8-figure CEO’s, to non-profits and even political leaders.  Her efforts have been recognized by several acclaimed business publications, such as the ’40 Under 40 Top Business Leaders’, ‘Top 50 Women in Business’, and ’10 People Making a Difference’. With this lengthy list of credentials, it’s clear to see that Candy definitely knows what it takes to create a strong and successful business, regardless of its niche. She has a deep love for turning ideas into entities that make an impact on the world, and enjoys helping people turn their passions into profits. This passion for sharing free, actionable business advice saw her go viral on TikTok, and Candy is constantly updating her feed with useful business loopholes and hacks that other coaches wouldn’t even know where to begin with.

This is why Candy launched the FOUNDERS Organization; to pull back the curtain and reveal all the secrets she and the other leaders have learned over their decades in business to cultivate and connect powerful entrepreneurs.“There are so many ‘experts’ that are teaching and talking about business, however most of them have never actually ran, scaled and successfully exited a business prior to starting their coaching or consulting service.” explained Candy. “I was initially hesitant to jump into these waters, but the problem is that there are good people getting advice from someone’s research or theory, not from actual experience.  That was too hard for me stand by and watch happen, as it’s doing an incredible disservice to them, their businesses, and their families. FOUNDERS is the community that will not only save you endless time, money and mistakes, it gives you an incredible network to connect and collaborate with other founders and entrepreneurs.  The education you receive from the experience in that room shaves years off the process and provides you the best resources and tools to build and grow a successful company”.

FOUNDERS gathers the world’s best minds together to share experiences, excel business strategies and cultivate powerful new ideas that can help small business owners and big CEO’s alike. With a treasure trove of resources and events aimed at propelling business forward, FOUNDERS is the unparalleled network that will fast-track your business to success.

If you want to leave behind the wishy-washy words of inexperienced coaches and groups, come get your hands dirty with a real business expert; connect with Candy Valentino through her website and Instagram pages, and check out the FOUNDERS Organization. Invest in your future and excel, today!

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