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Cannabis Lifestyle Company Backpack Boyz Has Teamed Up With Bay-Area Artists to Craft Their Unique Style



What do you get when you round up a bunch of cannabis industry veterans and team them up with local artists who love their craft? What you get is the cannabis lifestyle company Backpack Boyz.

Founded in 2017, Backpack Boyz is a brand that focuses on flashy, eye-catching, and unique designs on its one-of-a-kind clothing line and cannabis packaging. Their cannabis strains themselves are quite exclusive. Social media has been abuzz lately with the products coming out of Backpack Boyz, leading to influencers and athletes talking up the quality of the bud and clothing.

When it comes to the unique designs this brand puts on its products, Backpack Boyz delivers distinct artwork with the help of local artistry. By collaborating with artists in the Bay area, the brand has been able to get tailored designs that create a unique image that is instantly recognizable among a lineup of cannabis products from other companies.

The bold and vivid colors on the designs are catching the eyes of a growing number of people, even outside of the Bay area. In fact, this company has now gone international, with fans all over the world. There is an extensive variety of quality threads that people are enjoying due to their premium quality. Attention to detail when it comes to stitching and the overall quality of their apparel is something Backpack Boyz is very proud of.

Urban wear has become very popular in general, in California and beyond. Thanks to its comfortable nature and stylish look, people are flocking to brands like Backpack Boyz that deliver the goods on urban wear with an underlying theme of love for the green sticky buds they love. Cannabis connoisseurs in particular love what this brand puts out due to its strong affinity with the aromatic buds they also can get from Backpack Boyz.

Out-of-this-world flavors like Peanut Butter Gelato, Lemon Cherry Gushers, Blue Gotti, Strawberry Gelato, Sweet Potato Pie, and many others are unique to Backpack Boyz. The team behind the company has been growing the unique strains that a growing fanbase has been enjoying. If you want to taste some of the delicious desserty cannabis buds around, then you will want to give Backpack Boyz a shot.

If you like robust flavor in your cannabis and prefer wearing edgy colors, then you’re going to love what Backpack Boyz has to offer. The packaging for their cannabis packs is surreal, vivid, and entertaining. Everything this brand does is done with the intention of being something their fans will enjoy. They are in this business for the love of bud, the cannabis community, and to share great artwork that promotes local artists in the San Francisco Bay area.

You get your hands on some of the apparel, or the exceptional and unique cannabis strains, Backpack Boyz has to offer, you can head over to their website. You can also follow them on Instagram @backpackboyz_b.legit.

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