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Celebrities Come To Liram Sustiel When They Need An Exotic Car



If you’re not familiar, MPH Club is one of the most successful exotic car rental companies in Southern Florida with locations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, and more. They got their start by renting out exotic cars to high-net-worth individuals who were enjoying some time in Miami. However, due to their success, they have since expanded their business to include private yachts and jets.

Why are they so popular?

Part of MPH Club’s success is due to the innovation of their business model. They have been able to grow so quickly by employing a Vehicle Management Strategy that allows owners of exotic cars to rent them out through MPH Club. This means that anyone in Miami who owns an exotic car can rent it through MPH Club where they will earn 50% of the profits every time it rents.

For the owners of the exotic car, this means that they can earn passive income by letting MPH Club rent it out to people. Since many of these cars rent for $1,000 per day just a few days rented can add up to quite a hefty passive income stream.

For MPH Club, this strategy has allowed them to grow their inventory at an incredible rate, corner the exotic car market, and enjoy huge success. Without this strategy, they would need require millions of dollars in capital in order to buy or lease the exotic cars that they could rent out to clients. This strategy allows them to stock their inventory for free.

So who is the man behind MPH Club and their innovative business model? Meet Liram Sustiel.

Meeting the founder

As mentioned, MPH Club has enjoyed incredible success for such a young company mainly due to Liram Sustiel’s innovative business model. This success is very apparent on social media, where both MPH Club and Liran Sustiek are incredibly popular. The MPH Club Instagram has about 349,000 followers and Liram Sustiel has about 23,000.

Renting luxury cars in Miami is definitely a business that comes with some perks. Both the MPH Club Instagram as well as Sustiel’s personal page are loaded with celebrity appearances. Just a few of the high-profile personalities featured on Sustiel’s Instagram are:

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors 

Famous YouTubers brothers Jake and Logan Paul 

Rappers DaBaby and Tyga 

Grant Cardone 

Boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather 

Former basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal 

Judging from his Instagram, Sustiel has created a business that not only earns him income but also allows him to hobnob with many of the celebrities that he rents cars to. His days appear to include picking up celebrities at the airport, attending high-profile events, and partying aboard yachts. Due to his success in creating such a lucrative business and lifestyle for himself, it would not surprise us if we started to see Sustiel’s name start to pop up more in magazines and other media.

We hope that you have found this article valuable when it comes to understanding more about the man behind MPH Club, Liram Sustiel.



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